A warforged veteran of Breland.

  • Name: Siege
  • Race: Warforged
  • Class: Fighter
  • AL: Neutral Good
  • Occupation: Adventurer
  • Affiliation: Blue Dragons, Breland Army (retired)
  • Nation: Breland

After his creation and initial training as a fighter, the Brelish army purchased Siege from House Cannith to take up one of the fighter/warrior slots of a Ranger’s Dozen. Such recon units usually include 4-6 fighters for missions focused on tactical strikes, and Siege had displayed considerable aptitude for heavy destructive weapons like battle-axes and Goliath Hammers. During his entire time in the military, Siege was under the command of Lt. Ecliptus, eventually rising to the rank of sergeant. Siege was the only other member of Ecliptus’ Ranger’s Dozen to survive the Day of Mourning.

While many freedoms were granted to the Warforged under the Treaty of Thronehold, Siege considered volunteering to stay on with the Brelish army at the end of the Last War. He considers himself made for battle and war is what he feels he best understands. However, like Ecliptus, Siege soon found the peacetime duties of patrolling borders quite boring. He decided to follow his commander in the formation of the adventuring company that came to be known as the Blue Dragons.


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