• Capital: Korth
  • Population: 2,500,000 (52% humans, 18% dwarves, 10% halflings, 8% half-elves, 8% elves, 4% other)
  • Exports: ale, dairy, glass, grain, livestock, lumber, paper, textiles
  • Ruler: King Kaius ir’Wynarn III
  • Government: Absolute monarchy dictatorship

One of the oldest human nations on Khorvaire, Karrnath was built on a strong military tradition, one that carries on to this day. In deed, tradition, discipline, and excellence in all things define the nation and its people. It has stood for centuries as the strongest of the Five Nations, producing the finest generals and armies the Kingdom of Galifar has ever seen. These qualities proved the nation’s greatest asset, but also its greatest vulnerability, during the Last War. An overreliance on military concerns left it unprepared for different kinds of enemies: plague, famine, and intrigue. Its lands are rich and verdant, but an insufficient number of farmers and adverse weather kept the nation from feeding all its people. Even today, food shortages are a constant problem, forcing the nation to import grain from Aundair, the Eldeen Reaches, and Breland. Karrnathi livestock, on the otherhand, is plentiful and of the highest quality. Pork, beef, dairy, exotic cheeses, and butter are staples of the Karrnathi diet, and the nation produces enough of these commodities to export a large amount to other nations, where they are viewed as luxuries. Karrnath also harvests its forests for lumber and paper. Karrnath is also home to the primary enclaves of both House Jorasco and House Deneith as well as the enclave of House Cannith East. The other dragonmarked houses all maintain large emporiums and outposts in cities and towns throughout the nation.


The current Kingdom of Karrnath has remained under the rule of martial law since its founding. The present ruler of Karrnath is King Kaius ir’Wynarn III. He is the grandson of King Kaius I, the first ruler of Karrnath after the collapse of the Kingdom of Galifar at the start of the Last War, and is said to share an uncanny resemblance to his grandfather. Though he has shown desire to transform his nation along more progressive lines, under his leadership Karrnath has remained a military dictatorship rulled by hereditory monarchs of Galifar blood. Royal mayors govern towns and cities. Royal ministers oversee governmental departments and foriegn affairs. The land’s nobles are powerful warlords that serve as Karrnath’s generals and admirals, kept in line by harsh treatment and the use of force. Since ascending the throne, Kaius III has shown remarkable ability to do whatever is needed to keep control and his plans in order.

Last War

King Jarot’s son Kaius I was one of those opposed to handing the crown to Mishann of Cyre, which was the spark that started the Last War and Karrnath suffered some of the heaviest casualties. While Karrnath boasted the largest and best-trained army, the nation was ill prepared for the famine and plague that desimated much of the nation early in the war, halting Kaius I’s chances of quickly bringing the war for Galifar’s throne to an end. Instead, the nation found itself turning to the Blood of Vol, and raising large armies of undead soldiers much as the other nations came to rely upon House Cannith and their new warforged. Three generations later, it was Kaius III who ascended to power over Karrnath in 991 YK and became the biggest proponent of peace. He was instrumental in getting the other nations to attend peace talks in Thronehold and was the first to sign the Treaty of Thronehold to bring the Last War to an end.


Karrnath supports a heavy middle class with plenty of trade businesses running in the large metropolitan centers throughout the western region of the country. Every Karrnathi citizen is forced into compulsory military service lasting at least two years. While many turn this service into a life-long career, others are quick to fulfill their duty and begin their actual lives. Most interesting about Karrnathi society is their use of the dead. There are no qualms about necromancy or undead in Karrnath and the forces of the military in the Last War were bolstered by skeleton and zombie forces. The summers are hot, short and wet while the winters are long, bitterly cold and full of snow. The people have grown hearty and robust out of this constant weather patterns.

Important Cities of Karrnath

  • Korth – the capital city of Karrnath, the militaristic influence that infuces all of Karrnath permeates throughout the city built to withstand any siege.
  • Karrlakton – the second great city of Karrnath is home to the primary enclave of House Deneith, but its location along the Cyre River places it forever staring into the face of the disaster of the Mournland across the river’s waters.
  • Atur – the Karrnath city that is home to The Crimson Monastery, Khorvaire’s largest worship site dedicated to the Blood of Vol.
  • Rekkenmark – a large Karrnath city built around Rekkenmark Academy, Khorvaire’s primary military academy.
  • Vedykar – the city is home to the greatest of House Jorasco’s enclaves, which is a city unto itself. The complex contains healing facilities, a training hospital, a spa for long-term care, and asylum for those the healers can’t even magically cure.


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