Often called “The City of Towers”, Sharn is the largest city in the kingdom of Breland and the continent of Khorvaire. It is a melting pot of all races, with the human population being the largest but still only a third of its some 212,000 citizens.

A vertical city, Sharn is linked with the plane of Syrania, granting enhanced power to flight and levitation magic, a feature that the city’s residents have used to build towers that rise higher into the sky than any other place on Khorvaire and possibly the world of Eberron. Due to the myriad of cultures that live and have lived in Sharn, examples of architecture from all over Khorvaire can be found. Most of Sharn’s wealthiest inhabitants live in the upper regions of the city, enjoying the freshest air and least claustrophobic views.


Sharn has a long and rich history starting with its foundation in ancient times by hobgoblin warlords. It was called Ja’shaarat, or “Bright Blade”, and even then it was one of the greatest cities of the Dhakaani empire. In contrast to modern Sharn’s soaring towers, Ja’shaarat was built mostly underground with only its tallest buildings inevitably becoming the foundation of Sharn. When the Dhakaani empire was devastated by the daelkyr, the city was ruined and never recovered. Goblin tribes who took refuge in the city’s bowels renamed it Duur’shaarat, or “Blade of Sorrows”.

Years later, when a wave of human explorers flooded the coasts of Khorvaire, Malleon the Reaver discovered the fallen city. He enslaved the remaining goblin tribes and renamed the city Shaarat. In time, Shaarat grew into a wealthy and powerful city only to once again be destroyed when Malleon’s descendants refused to bow down to Breggor, the man who would become the first king of the nation of Breland.

After a long siege, Breggor’s wizards finally rained destruction down on the city. Breggor renamed the city Sharn. During the next 800 years the towers of Sharn rose and the city flourished. When all of Khorvaire was changed with the War of the Mark, Sharn was once again ruined and abandoned for 500 years. When Galifar I became king of the Five Nations he ordered the rebuilding of Sharn. With the funding of noble houses and the help of House Cannith and Dwarven architects from the Mror Holds, Sharn’s great towers were returned to their former splendor.

Getting Around

The towers and districts of Sharn are divided up 3 ways. First there are the major tower groups known as Quarters, such as the Central Plateau or Dura. These are divided vertically into Upper, Middle and Lower divisions called Wards. Within those are the smaller districts. For example; Tradefair district is in the Middle Central Plateau Ward of the Central Plateau Quarter and Malleon’s Gate District is within the lower Dura ward of the Dura Quarter. Skyway is another story, it floats above Sharn just in the clouds.

Skyway – City ward floating above city, not part of any quarter

  1. Azure (Sky district)
  2. Brilliant (Sky District)

Central Plateau – City quarter at the very Center of Sharn

Upper Central Plateau – City ward
  1. Highest Towers (Civic District)
  2. Korranath (Financial District)
  3. Korran-Thiven (Financial District)
  4. Mithral Tower (Wealthy Residential)
  5. Platinum Heights (Fine Shops)
  6. Skysedge Park (Park District)
Middle Central Plateau – City ward
  1. Ambassador Towers (Embassy District)
  2. Dava Gate (Professional Service District)
  3. Dragon Towers (Guildhall District)
  4. Sovereign Towers (Temple District)
  5. Sword Point (Garrison)
  6. Tradefair (Marketplace)
Lower Central Plateau – City ward
  1. Boldrei’s Hearth (Inn District)
  2. Granite Halls (Shops)
  3. Myshan Gardens (Average Residential)
  4. North Towers (Shops)
  5. Olladra’s Kitchen (Tavern District)
  6. Vallia Towers (Average residential)

Dura Ward – City quarter at the western side of Sharn

Upper Dura – City ward
  1. Clifftop (Adventurer’s Quarter)
  2. Daggerwatch (Garrison)
  3. Highhold (Dwarf Neighborhood)
  4. Highwater (Average Residential)
  5. Hope’s Peak (Temple District)
  6. Overlook (Apartment Townhomes)
  7. Redstone (Shops)
Middle Dura – City ward
  1. The Bazaar (Marketplace and Shops)
  2. Broken Arch (Average Residential)
  3. Hareth’s Folly (Tavern district)
  4. Rattlestone (Apartment Townhomes)
  5. Stormhold (Average residential)
  6. Tumbledown (Tenement district)
  7. Underlook (Inn District)
Lower Dura – City ward
  1. Callestan (Inn District)
  2. Fallen (Slum)
  3. Gate of Gold (Tenement district)
  4. Malleon’s Gate (Goblinoid slum)
  5. Oldkeep (Apartment townhomes)
  6. Precarious (Warehouse district)
  7. The Stores (Warehouse District)
Cliffside – City ward on the southwest cliffs of Sharn, part of Dura Quarter
  1. Grayflood (Waterfront district)
  2. Mud Caves (Shantytown)
  3. Sharn’s Welcome (Red light district)
  4. Ship’s Towers (Waterfront district)

Menthis Plateau – City quarter to the south center of Sharn

Upper Menthis Plateau – City ward
  1. Deni’yas (Gnome Neighborhood)
  2. Ivy Towers (Average residential District)
  3. Platinate (Wealthy Residential)
  4. Seventh Tower (Fine Shops)
  5. University District (Educational District)
Middle Menthis Plateau – City ward
  1. Cassan Bridge (Shops)
  2. Everbright (Magic District)
  3. Little Plains (Halfling Encampment)
  4. Smoky Towers (Theater District)
  5. Warden Towers (Garrison)
Lower Menthis Plateau – City ward
  1. Center Bridge (Average Residential)
  2. Downstairs (Tavern district)
  3. Firelight (Redlight District)
  4. Forgelight Towers (Average Residential)
  5. Torchfire (Theater District)

Tavick’s Landing – City quarter at the east side of Sharn

Upper Tavick’s Landing – City ward
  1. Copper Arch (Professionals)
  2. Dalan’s Refuge (Wealthy Residential)
  3. Ocean View (Wealthy Residential)
  4. Pinnacle (Temple District)
  5. Silvergate (Fine Shops)
  6. Sunrise (Average Residences)
  7. Twelve Pillars (Professionals)
Middle Tavick’s Landing – City ward
  1. Cornerstone (Tavern District)
  2. Dancing Shadows (Inn District)
  3. Deathsgate (Adventurer’s Quarter)
  4. Graywall (Average Residential, Karnn)
  5. Kenton (Apartment Townhomes)
  6. Little Barrington (Average Residential)
  7. Tavick’s Market (Marketplace)
Lower Tavick’s Landing – City ward
  1. Black Arch (Garrison)
  2. Cogsgate (Warehouse district)
  3. Dragoneyes (Red Light District)
  4. Foundation (Apartment Townhomes)
  5. High Walls (Refugee Slum)
  6. Terminus (Caravan District)
  7. Wroann’s Gate (Caravan District)

Northedge Ward – City quarter to the north side of Sharn

Upper Northedge – City ward
  1. Shae Lias (Elf Neighborhood)
  2. Crystal Bridge (Wealthy Residential)
  3. Oak Towers (Wealthy Residential)
Middle Northedge – City ward
  1. Holdfast (Dwarf Neighborhood)
  2. High Hope (Temple district)
  3. Oakbridge (Average residential)
Lower Northedge – City ward
  1. North Market (Marketplace)
  2. Stoneyard (Apartment townhomes)
  3. Longstairs (Apartment townhomes)

The Cogs – Sharn’s underground quarter that runs below the entire city

The Upper Cogs – City ward
  1. Ashblack (Industry District)
  2. Blackbones (Industry District)
  3. Khyber’s Gate (Undercity)

The Sewers – City ward

The Depths Ward – City ward

City of the Dead – City ward
  1. Dragon Crypts (Necropolis)
  2. Halden’s Tomb (Necropolis)


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