You’ve never had it in you to take up the life of a farmer. Just the thought of all the paperwork that comes along with being a merchant – import/export certifications, shipping manifests, insurance documentation filed in triplicate – makes your stomach turn sour. There’s money in those public works programs to rebuild all of the bridges and roads destroyed in the Last War, but that’s the sort of work your back could do without. No, the life of an adventurer sounds just right for you, and there’s no better place on all of Khorvaire to start one’s life as an adventurer than Sharn.

They say fortunes are easily made here in Breland’s City of Towers. Of course, whomever “they” are, they also say fortunes are easily squandered here. With the Last War finally over, it seems you might get a chance to see if they are right on both accounts. Bound together with like-minded companions, you’ve formed a professional enterprise that calls upon your skills like no other challenges before. As “adventurers” you’ve committed yourself to going to strange places, encountering even stranger creatures, and slaying them when the need arises for the right client, cause and coin. It’s a helluva way to make a living, but it’s far from boring. Such is the life at the Blue Dragon Adventurer Service.

Gameplay Information

Sharn’s Blue Dragon Adventurer Service takes place in the Eberron Campaign Setting of the Dungeons and Dragons RPG. This game setting is a blend of a traditional D&D sword & sorcery world with 18th-19th century technology created through advances made in magic research instead of science. This D&D world has trains (lightening rails), newspapers (chronicles), telegraphs (House Sivis Messaging Stones), and Airships. Adventures in this setting take on a feeling of being very pulp fiction meets noir, meets 007, meets Raider’s of the Lost Arc, meets Final Fantasy.

Currently, the game is being played under the 3.5 rules, but the players and DM are slowly blending in rules – and even some NPCs – from Pathfinder (or, 3.75 as some of us like to call it). The party consists of six players and one DM. There are no openings for new players to join the group as the DM feels six PCs is about all he can handle for the time being. Games are held once a month and recaps are typically posted about a week before the next game.

Wiki pages on the world of Eberron, however, are being created or updated regularly. About 99% of the information presented in the wiki pages are presented as one-page Cliffs Notes entries a typical adventurer would know about the places and people in the Eberron setting. Many images, rules references, and ‘fluff’ information found on this game blog come directly from the Eberron Campaign Setting of the Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Game, copyrights belonging to Wizards of the Coast. Used without permission but in good faith. If you like the information presented here, players and readers of this game blog are highly encouraged to buy copies of Eberron books like the Campaign Setting, the Five Nations, Dragonmarked Houses, etc. to learn more about one of the richest role playing settings ever created. The other 1% of the info on the wiki pages is information the DM is using in his Eberron game and is likely to grow based upon the level of impact the adventurers have on their game world.

Sharn's Blue Dragon Adventurer Services