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Checking up on an old friend for me (part c of game 5 recap)
It's just a small favor...

Note: This is the third and final part of a three-part recap of a game session. The first part can be found by clicking here, while the second part can be found here. It is best to read both prior to reading this part.

The following events occurred on the world of Eberron between Sul, the 1st of Eyre and Mol, the 9th of Eyre (Real world equivalent of Sunday, April 1 and Monday, April 9. Season: mid-spring.)

Players, note that the above timeframe included three days at sea, and then six days in Sharn. For gameplay purposes, assume any upgrades to magic or masterwork items were commissioned on the first day back in Sharn.

Primary Job: A hurt Sgt. Dolom asked the adventurers to do him the favor of checking up on Yargos Gill, an old friend of his that lives in Grayfloods. This is a rough waterfront district of Sharn, and Yargos occasionally is witness to a crime or some other trouble worthy of a City Watch investigation. Dolom believes it’s likely nothing, but if turns out to be something serious and the adventurers handle it on behalf of the Watch, he’d make certain that the Blue Dragons receive a reward for their troubles.

Side Jobs: “Wonders of Whitehearth” – sell off the Artificer’s Creation Journals found at Whitehearth.

List of items taken by PCs this game: Loot List 5

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrel – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met With:
  • Winifred Bookbinder – male goblin expert, assistant to Haftak ir’Clarn and Editor-in-Chief of Sharn Inquisitive
  • Haftak ir’Clarn – Male human aristocrat/expert, publisher of Sharn Inquisitive.

Previous important events of current adventure: Lady Elaydren d’Cannith hired the Blue Dragon adventurers to retrieve a schema from Whitehearth, a secret House Cannith research facility hidden in the Mournland. In the course of successfully completing this job, the adventurers discovered a number of Artificer’s Creation Journals and magic item prototypes. Lady Elaydren admitted Cannith West’s interest in purchasing the journals, but could not do so without alerting Cannith East and Cannith South. The adventurers are now working on putting in place a cover story that would allow them to publicly sell off the items, either through an auction house or through the acceptance offers made by the various versions of House Cannith.

Recap of events from the last game:

The Blue Dragons spent the remainder of their sea voyage working on the details of their trip to Whitehearth, careful to craft the tale in a way that would not reveal Lady Elaydren d’Cannith’s hand in sending them there. Upon arriving in Sharn, the Blue Dragons immediately set Lady Elaydren’s plan in motion.

First, they went to the House Kundarak Bank of Sharn to deposit all of the Artificer’s Creation Journals and the strange psiforged components safely in the vault. After this, they paid a visit to the office of the Sharn Inquisitive.

“Whitehearth, the fabled lost Cannith research facility?” Haftak ir’Clarn said, trying hard not to let the laugh be heard in his voice. “You really want me to believe you found Whitehearth? Look, I like you kids; you really know how to bring me a story that can sell papers. I don’t want to insult you, but do you know how many adventurers come in here asking me to sponsor their expedition to Whitehearth?”

“I think you misunderstand,” Ecliptus said. “We’re not here to asking for your sponsorship to go there. We’re here to tell you about the trip we already took. You said if we come across anything ‘newsworthy’ in our adventures to come by and tell you about them for a story.”

“Yeah, we’d like to offer you an exclusive if you’d help us write about the items we found,” Siege said. “We want to take them to auction in the Aura Gallery, and we figure the more people that know about this, the higher the price we’ll get for some of these items and their creation journals.”

“Oh, believe me, if you really found Whi…” Haftak began, only to be cut off by the shouts of a goblin bursting into his office.

“Haftak, you’ve got to see this!” Winifred Bookbinder held pictures, drawn through the use of the reverse scrying dragonshard the adventurers had used in their trip to Whitehearth. He laid the three drawings atop Halftak’s desk.

“By the Sovereigns, what is this thing?” Haftak asked staring down at the first picture.

“I believe it’s called a ‘carcass crab’ on account of the number of dead bodies that cover it,” Ferrial said. “We fought it inside the Mournland.”

“Are those fire elementals?” the publisher asked, looking at the next picture. “And is that a hydra in the background?”

“It’s not a hydra,” Az said. “The best we can figure was that it was some sort of war machine being researched at Whitehearth. Those are the fire elementals that had powered it, but they broke free. The thing was spewing molten glass everywhere, so we didn’t get close enough to give it a good inspection.”

“Is that a giant stone wolf you’re fighting?” Haftak had flipped to the last picture. “And is that a Dire Wolf fighting alongside your party?”

“It was a half stone and half wolf golem, actually,” The Nameless Rogue said. “And the Dire Wolf’s name was Rorsa. If you’re real nice to her, she’ll tell you how she likes to have her belly rubbed and to be scratched behind her left ear.”

“She’ll ‘tell’ you?” Haftak asked. “As in she talks?”

“The Dire Wolf was awakened, sir,” Sorrel said. “She believes it was the result of the arcane energies released on the Day of Mourning.”

Haftak stared at the party for a moment, shook himself, and then reached inside his desk. “Winifred, please clear the rest of your afternoon.” Haftak’s hand came back with a large bag of coins, he promptly sat atop his desk. “Then get back in here and bring in a pen and paper. Lots of paper. We’ve got a story to write. Multiple stories, I’m hoping. Might even spread this out in a few issues.” Haftak raised his hands and slowly spread them out before him, “We’ll call this series the… ‘Wonders of Whitehearth’. Oh, and I will personally contact the Aura Gallery for you, if you would like. I’ll make sure the fees they charge you are reasonable.”

The Blue Dragons spent the remainder of that afternoon and a good part of the next few days retelling of their journey to and from Whitehearth. They also demonstrated a number of the magical items they took, allowing the Sharn Inquisitive to take several pictures. The party also took the time to begin upgrading some of their weapons and armor, while they waited for the first story to hit the streets of Sharn on Sul, five days after they arrived back to the city.

On the day the story was published, the Blue Dragons soon found they had found themselves treated like local celebrities. News of the find of Whitehearth ran across Sharn by noon, and was said to have spread to all of Breland by the afternoon. By the evening – and much to Haftak’s delight – the Korranberg Chronicle was paying for the right to reprint the Sharn Inquisitive’s story in their chronicle, ensuring the news would be spread to all corners of Khorvaire within a few days. To celebrate, Kielsten Marquan, the owner of Marquan’s Rooms for Let where the adventurers had been staying in while in Sharn, held a banquet in their honor in the building’s large dining room.

The Blue Dragons awoke the next morning (Mol, now six days after arriving back in Sharn) to discover their tale of Whitehearth had done just as Lady Elaydren had hoped. Numerous invitations to visit with artificers and blacksmiths across Sharn had arrived for them, although only the invitation from Glandin Farlagg, proprietor of a shop called The Mithral Blade, seemed to be the best to further explore. A representative of Cannith South waited in Marquan’s common room to personally extend the Blue Dragons an invitation to tour the Cannith enclave in Sharn and discuss the potential purchase price of the artificer journals. The party agreed to meet at 5 p.m. the following day, as Sorrel had also received a note from Sgt. Dolom indicating he must meet with them that morning. It seemed Dolom had found information concerning who the mysterious ‘Gorp’ was after that business in the sewers.

Entering the tavern the dwarf had indicated, the party found Sgt. Dolom sitting alone at a corner table built for people of his stature. The normally robust dwarf looked tired and in pain. His left arm was bandaged, and he propped a splinted left leg on a chair. Crutches leaned against a nearby wall.

“Good, good, you got my message,” Dolom said. “I was beginning to wonder if I should just head home and get some sleep. I had a bit of a rough night.”

“Sergeant, are you all right? What happened?” Sorrel asked concern forming on her face.

“The City Watch raided an illegal alchemy workshop last night, of course it was after I sent that note to you. Half-orcs with big clubs and drugs don’t mix,” Dolom said with a laugh. “But I have more important things to tell you. Word on the street is that business with the otyugh you all dealt with last month caused some trouble for an ogre by the name of Gorp Boartusk. He’s an up and coming member of the Daask Gang. Are you familiar with them?”

“Not really.”

“They’re a criminal gang of monsters from Droaam. They popped up in Sharn a couple of years ago, but have grown into one of the city’s big four criminal organizations. They’ve got their claws – and I’m not speaking figuratively there – into all sorts of things: gambling, illegal fighting rings, extortion, drugs, etc. Your friend Gorp is trying to work his way up the ranks.”

“The ranks?”

“Right now, he’s in charge of what for Daask is a small chapter of the gang: two trolls, a minotaur, a couple of half ogres, and a handful of goblinoids. They’re primary in extortion and collecting protection money, but they also run at least one fighting ring somewhere in the Cogs. Gorp wants to expand his ring to include monstrous beast fights. Trouble is, smuggling something like a bulette or a wyvern into Sharn unnoticed isn’t the easiest or cheapest of things.”

“But the otyugh was already in the city,” Ecliptus said.

“Exactly,” Dolom continued. “When Gorp read about a large sewer monster in the Inquisitive, he figured he found himself a free monster. He put in motion a plan to capture the otyugh, which included bribing a few Royal Guardsmen to prevent anyone from getting inside the sewers. Unfortunately for him, you guys interrupted those plans by getting the authority to enter the sewers and kill his otyugh.”

“So we’ve pissed him off,” Siege replied, more of a statement than question.

“Gorp not only blames you for the money he lost bribing those guards, but also for the money and prestige he would have earned running otyugh fights. I know he’s planning something bad for you guys. Unfortunately, none of my street contacts could or were willing to tell me exactly what.”

“Wonderful news,” Az said.

“Sorry, but that’s pretty much all I could dig up on Gorp. If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them as best as I can. If you don’t, I do have a favor to ask of your group.”

“Anything, sergeant,” Sorrel replied.

“Could you check up on a friend of mine? I got this message from him saying he was in a bit of trouble and asked I meet with him this morning,” Dolom slid the note across the table. “I’m just getting off a double shift that included the raid on an illegal alchemy workshop. As you can see, it didn’t go too well for me. I’m hurt, I’m tired, and I just don’t have it in me to head all the way down to the docks today. I will consider all the effort I did in finding out about Gorp well worth it if you go for me instead. Please?

“We’ll handle it,” Ecliptus said.

“Wonderful. My friend’s name is Yargos Gill. He’s an elderly military historian that used to teach at Morgrave University before retiring. He doesn’t live in the nicest part of Cliffside Ward and, Yargos being Yargos, sometimes has trouble with thugs. However, I doubt it will be any trouble you couldn’t handle.”

“Just the same,” Siege began, “I’d like to hear what kind of trouble we could face?”

“Most of the time, it’s little more than he saw some kid trying his hand at being a cutpurse. Thing is he lives in Grayflood. That’s one of Sharn’s busiest docks districts, so he occasionally sees something interesting. His nosiness is what led me to bust up a smuggling ring and get promoted to sergeant. If you could just meet up with him and find out what the trouble is, you’d be doing me a world of favor.

“Why don’t you send someone from the watch?”

“Most of the time, it turns out Yargos just witnessed some minor crime. So, he’s kind of earned a reputation that makes him a low priority. The last time I asked another watchman to check on him, it took them four days to head by his home. He’s a little eccentric, but a good friend. I’d like to know he’s all right.

“Sergeant, is there anything we should say or bring to him to let him know you sent us?” Sorrel asked.

“Sure, tell him I’ve been hurt and that if he doesn’t tell you what the trouble is, when I do finally come down to see him, I will first go to Duntles’ Field to find the lost horned helmet of Halas Tarkanan in order to shove it up his behind for not trusting someone I sent. Got that? Repeat it back to me if you feel the need to?”

“Um… could you write that down for me?” Sorrel asked.

Note: This is the third and final part of a three-part recap of a game session. The first part can be found by clicking here, while the second part can be found here.

Up next: “The old man who cried…”

Important Information Learned, Rumors Heard, Job Leads from this game:
  • The mysterious Gorp the Blue Dragons had inadvertently upset by hunting a otyugh in Sharn’s sewers, is an ogre by the full name of Gorp Boartusk. He runs a small chapter of the Daask Gang that wanted to use the otyugh to make money in a fighting ring. Now, Gorp feels angry and embarrassed by the Blue Dragons and is actively planning some sort of revenge.
Let me try to make a deal (part B of game 5 recap)
As I was saying...

Note: This is the second part of a three-part recap of a game session. The first part can be found by clicking here and should be read prior to reading this part.

The following events occurred on the world of Eberron between Wir, the 25th of Therendor and Sul, the 1st of Eyre (Real world equivalent of Wednesday, March 25 and Sunday, April 1. Season: mid-spring. Note that every month on Eberron is only 28 days long)

Primary Job: None

Side Jobs: “Wonders of Whitehearth” – sell off the Artificer’s Creation Journals found at Whitehearth.

List of items taken by PCs this game: Loot List 5

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrel – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met With:

Previous important events of current adventure:

Lady Elaydren d’Cannith hired the Blue Dragon adventurers to retrieve a schema from Whitehearth, a secret House Cannith research facility hidden somewhere in the Mournland. In the course of successfully completing this job, the adventurers discovered a number of Artificer’s Creation Journals and magic item prototypes that could be worth a fortune not just to House Cannith, but to any artificer with the resources to produce these items on a mass scale.

Recap of events from the last game:

Lady Elaydren d’Cannith took up the Artificer’s Creation Journal Siege had sat down before here. She began flipping through the pages carefully studying every detail the notes provided. A look of astonishment grew on her face with every page she turned. Finally, she closed the book and looked up at the expectant adventurers.

“This creation journal details the process for creating a washbasin that cleans dirty linens placed in the same room it is held in. I happen to know that was an item the artificers at Whitehearth were attempting to create. Am I to believe you found this journal there?”

“Yes, my Lady,” Siege said. “We found a number of such journals, and for the right pri…”

“How many more?”

“We can get into that in a minute. Right now we’d like to know what these are worth to…”

“How many of these journals did you find?” Lady Elaydren cut the warforged’s words off again, her voice growing more frantic with worry. Her eyes grew wide as she realized for the first time the adventurers openly carried items they had claimed at Whitehearth. “That armor is made with improved blueshine,” she pointed to Az, “and that armor has redshine on it, does it not?” She pointed to Ecliptus. “You’re rogue’s wearing a Thief’s Cowl, and those gloves Ferriel wears, they form weapons out of force. Did you take any of the warforged components?”

“Um… well… you see, we were hoping to… uh… maybe, but we can get into that after we’ve negotia…”

Elaydren raised her hand and waved it at the stammering warforged. “Shambala,” she whispered, causing her dragonmark to glow for a moment as power went out of her towards Siege.

The warforged jerked upright in his chair, becoming as ridged as a stone statue. The Red Dragon’s Head Warforged Component rose out of his shoulder and the Essence Node of Blinding Warforged Component popped out of his chest. He then began speaking. “Warforged Cannith Identification#: ADM4327, Self Identification: Siege. Purchased by: Breland Army for use in Ranger’s Dozen Corps. Performance level currently running at 98.4%, within optimal parameters.” At the end of this statement, Siege could move again. “I hate it when you people do shit like that.”

“It’s the only way to make some of you sit down for repairs. That component in your shoulder, I’ve never seen or heard of something like it before.”

“It’s called a Red Dragon’s Head. It can throw around a few scorching rays.”

“Is that all you took? Should I assume you have the creation journals on all of these items? I must know before we discuss this any further.”

“Sorrel, show her all the books,” Siege said, with his imitation of a sigh. “Might be the only way she’ll let me start finishing sentences.”

The half gnome began reaching inside her cloak and pulling out the journals. Lady Elaydren’s eyes seemed to grow wider as her face grew paler with each book Sorrel placed on the table. “Eighteen, and nineteen makes all of them.”

“In the holy names of all the Host,” Elaydren whispered. “Do you know what these are? They’re the creation journals of Whitehearth’s artificers,” she continued without giving anyone time to give the same answer. “Do you realize the sort of trouble these will cause me?”

“Um… trouble?” Siege asked.

“If I take them from you, these are all the proof Baron Merrix and Baron Zorlan would need to know Cannith West not only attempted to send a party to Whitehearth, but found it. They both have access to the same records as Baroness Jorlanna. They will suspect Cannith West was after the creation schema being researched there and demand the Baroness share the schema with Cannith South and Cannith East.”

“So what you’re saying is you don’t want to buy them?”

“I’m not saying that at all. The problem I have now is that these journals are far too valuable to let go. House Cannith is not what it was during the Last War. With the loss of our primary enclave in the destruction of Cyre and the banning of the creation forges under the Treaty of Thronehold, we must find new items and magic to create. That’s why finding these schemas have become so important. However, being in control of the designs in those journals also offers an incredible economic opportunity to restore my house. The question is how do I arrange it so that Cannith West can publicly take ownership of these journals without causing the other Cannith Patriarchs to suspect West has the Whitehearth schema as well?”

“All right then, take some time and then tell us what’s the best way you’d like for this to be handled,” Siege said. “Just know that we know these journals are worth a lot of coin and that we know that you know that these journals are worth a lot of coin.”

“You’ve certainly given me a lot to think about,” Elaydren said. “However, I do have one final request. If you accompany me back to Sharn, I will see to it that you receive 1,000 gold after we arrive safely. I must get the schema and creation pattern there without the Emerald Claw attempting to take it from me. I will, of course, also pay for your transportation.”

“We’ve got no problems being bodyguards,” Ecliptus said. “However, while you’re thinking about these journals, you should also be thinking about something else. We found signs that we haven’t been the only recent visitors to Whitehearth.”

“Oh yeah, Sorrel, tell her about the garthyotel,” the Nameless Rogue said. “And don’t forget to tell her about Rorsa.”

“It’s githyanki, and we found a dead one at Whitehearth. Are you familiar with them?”

“Yes, I’ve never met one, but I know of the race. Are you saying they sent someone to Whitehearth after Cyre was destroyed?”

“No,” Ecliptus said. “We’re saying they sent someone there before the Day of Mourning. She seemed to be an artificer that was helping your people design warforged components for your psiforged line.”


“Okay, so maybe that was the name we decided to give them, but we’re talking about your line of warforged built to have psionic powers.”

“I got that, but what I meant was that I have no idea what you’re talking about. House Cannith has never produced any warforged with psionic powers. I don’t believe I even know of any research ever made into such efforts. I doubt even the Baroness knows of such efforts.”

“Sorrel, show her the battlefist and bracer we found.”

“Am I a walking purse?” Sorrel muttered to herself as she produced the items Ecliptus asked for.

Lady Elaydren picked up both and carefully studied the items. “This battlefist looks like any other, except it’s made of deep crystal. It could still be used by a normal warforged, but would be at least twice the cost to create. Now this bracer is built to hold power stones. No normal warforged would have any use for this. ”

“That’s the point we’re trying to make, and that githyanki was not only there building components for these psiforged, but someone visited there after her death. Her silver great sword was missing. We can’t be certain of this, but from the looks of how we found the room, that appeared to be the only thing they took. We do know from Rorsa that whoever came for it, didn’t come through the front entrance, and from the fire elementals we dealt with, we can be sure they hadn’t made their way inside by the warehouse entrance.”

“The githyanki can travel by the astral planes. If they did come for her sword, there’s a good chance they used that route. I just want to know how they managed to locate Whitehearth.” Elaydren said. “Wait, whose Rorsa?”

“The new guardian of Whitehearth. Which reminds me,” Ecliptus said, pulling out a glove from his backpack. “If you ever need to go back, you’ll need to let her sniff this to know it’s okay for you or whomever you send to be there. Else you’ll have an awakened dire wolf and her pack wondering what you’re doing in her den. We figured you’d want to keep others out.”

“You most certainly have given me a lot to consider,” Lady Elaydren said. “I must carefully weigh what options are available to us. Please, I must leave now if I am going to arrange our return to Sharn by ship for later this evening. I will take my leave and consider what will be best.”

With that, Elaydren left the Blue Dragons, who decided to spend the rest of their stay in Rhukaan Draal in the relative safety of the Clenched Fist. When they boarded a ship late in the afternoon, Elaydren still had not thought of something. Nor had she when the party took their dinner or before retiring to their cabins for the evening.

It wasn’t until very late in the evening that a knock came to on Siege and Ecliptus’ cabin door. Opening it, Siege found a smiling Elaydrin, half-dressed and smelling like she had indulged in more than a little Aundairn wine.

“Hmm, half-naked and woman that’s been drinking at our door,” Siege said. “Lieutenant, it’s for you.”

“You all recently appeared in an article in the Sharn Inquisitive.” Elaydren said as she walked into the room and held up a copy of the paper detailing the Blue Dragon’s recent exploits in Sharn’s sewers. “Are you on good terms with Haftak?

“Well, he pays us to tell him about anything newsworthy we come across in our line of work.”

“Excellent, then I suggest upon arriving in Sharn, you contact him immediately with the news of your discovery of Whitehearth.”

“Not to be disrespectful to the lady,” Eclitpus began, “but how much wine have you had tonight?”

“Tell him you learned of its location from the map you found in the ancient Cannith forgehold under Sharn,” Elaydren continued. “Never once mention my name. Instead I want you to say it was the late provost of Morgrave University, Bonal Geldem that sent you down into those ruins prior to his death. With Bonal dead, you decided to use the map to find your way to Whitehearth. I can make arrangements that will collaborate your story. Adventurers have been entering the Mournland almost since the Day of Mourning in search of Whitehearth’s riches. To have a group actually find it, Haftak will pee his pants over this story. I know it will make the front page of the chronicle.”

“That’s a fair assessment, but how is this going to help your situation?”

“After you’re done with Haftak, I wish for you to contact the Aurora Gallery. It’s a high-end magical item auction house in the Platinum Heights district of Sharn. These journals are the sort of items they would love to get their hands on. They will promote the hell out of it and your adventure. Once it’s in the public eye, I’ll be able to bring you an offer as the representative of Cannith West trying to purchase the items before they go to auction.”

“All right, I’m with you on that.”

“Now, you should also expect Cannith South to come along to make their own offer for the journals on those warforged components. This is fine with Cannith West. With the creation forges banned under the Treaty of Thronehold, Baroness Jorlanna could care less about the warforged. Merrix, however, still considers them his life’s work; he’s obsessed with them although he’s no longer allowed to create them. He will likely make a great offer for those particular journals and I suggest you consider it carefully.”


“If you reject it, he’ll start playing dirty. Understand he doesn’t make threats. He makes promises. Worse yet, they’re typically legal promises. So I suggest taking him up on it to save yourself some grief in the long run. As for the other journals, you can feel free to sell some – but not all – to any non-Cannith artificers or blacksmiths that makes a good offer. It will help draw suspicion away from Cannith West.”

“We can handle that,” Siege said. “But, is there any of the journals you want us to make sure Cannith West will receive in the end.”

“Yes, actually. I have been in contact with the Baroness through the House Sivis message station at Rhukaan Draal. She authorized me to purchase the Cleaning Hands Washbasin journal for 5,000 gold. Is this acceptable?”

“Is that acceptable?” Siege turned to Ecliptus and punched him in the arm.

“What the hell was that for?”

“You felt it, good, you’re not dreaming.”

“I’m an elf, I don’t actually sleep,” Ecliptus said, rubbing his arm. “Yes, my lady, my associate has indicated this offer would be most acceptable. Although the ladies of our party are staying in other cabins, I’m sure they will have no problem with this offer either.”

“Excellent, now, you’ve been good to me, so I won’t lie to you. That was the one journal I was told to get at all cost. If you decide to take any of those other journals to auction, I will admit that you’ll make more than what I or anyone else could offer you outright. The Aurora Gallery will charge you a percentage off of each sale, but you will still make a fortune. Plus, House Cannith will likely be able to outbid anyone for the majority of those journals.”

“That’s something we’ll have to discuss with our other associates. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, I suggest you meet with House Kundarak upon arriving in Sharn. You’ll want to store those journals in the Vault of the Kundarak Bank of Sharn. Notice I said ‘The Vault’ and not ‘a vault” of the bank. I speak of the one they use for long-term storage, not like the safe-deposit vaults that can’t be collected magically from other sites. It will cost you something like 15gp a month per item, but it’s the most secure vault you can access without wearing a crown.”

“Sounds good.”

“Right, then I will return to my own bed now.”

After Elaydren left, Ecliptus turned to glare at the warforged.

“Sleeping? Meditating? I don’t know the difference.”

“Right now, I’m wishing for a pet rust monster.”

Note: This is the second part of a three-part recap of a game session. The first part can be found by clicking here. The final part can be found here.

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Important Information Learned, Rumors Heard, Job Leads from this game:
  • Elaydren was completely surprised to learn of the possible existence of psiforged and any githyanki involvement with House Cannith. She indicated Cannith West has no knowledge of either.
Escape from Whitehearth (game 5 recap, part A)
Anyone else see that?

The following events occurred on the world of Eberron between Sar, the 21st of Therendor and Wir, the 25th of Therendor (Real world equivalent of Saturday, March 21 and Wednesday, March 25. Early Spring )

Note: This is the first part of a three-part recap of a game session. The the second part can be found by clicking here, while the third part can be found here.

Primary Job: Lady Elaydren d’Cannith hired the adventures to locate the ruins of Whitehearth to retrieve a schema that was being researched by House Cannith Artificers in Cyre during the Day of Mourning.

Side Jobs: None

List of items taken by PCs this game: Loot List 5

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrel – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met With:
  • Failin – male dragonmarked human expert/rogue, hired guide in Darguun and the Mournland.
  • Rorsa – the awakened, dire wolf pack leader of Whitehearth’s wolves.
  • Brother Garrow – Male elf vampire necromancer. Leader of the Emerald Claw party encamped at Rose Quarry.
  • Lady Elaydren d’Cannith – Female dragonmarked human aristocrat/sorcerer, represents House Cannith West (based in Fairhaven, Aundair) in their business dealings with House Cannith South (based in Sharn, Breland).

Previous important events of current adventure:

After saving Lady Elaydren d’Cannith from agents of the Lord of Blades, the Blue Dragon adventurers accepted her latest job offer to retrieve a schema from Whitehearth, a secret House Cannith research facility hidden somewhere in the Mournland. The job first brought the adventurers to the goblinoid nation of Darguun, where they hired a guide by the name of Failin (formerly of House Orien) and discovered Whitehearth’s location in the now abandoned mining town of Rose Quarry. However, while in Rose Quarry, they discovered that the Order of the Emerald Claw was also searching for Whitehearth. The Blue Dragons traveled through the twisted remains of the Cyre, battling dangerous undead and magically mutated creatures before finally coming to the lost research facility. Here the party found many wondrous discoveries, such as several Artificer’s Creation Journals worth a fortune and Rorsa, the awakened dire wolf who made the ruins of Whitehearth her pack’s home. However, the adventurers quickly that Whitehearth was also filled with dangers twisted by the Day of Mourning, such as a golem stone wolf and, as we last left our adventurers, an undead shadow.

Recap of events from the last game:

“Well, Sorrel, what do you make of all the magic items in this room?” Ecliptus asked.

The half-gnome sat at one of the research lab’s many worktables, carefully studying the Artificer’s Creation Journal and magic item prototypes the adventurers had found. As a warmage, Sorrel was the Blue Dragons’ defacto magic expert even though her focus of study had been on the destructive magic best suited for the battlefield. A study, as she often pointed out to Lt. Ecliptus, that lasted a little less than a year of training she received upon enlisting in Breland’s army, not the years of mastery most wizards spent learning all the facets of the arcane.

The elf’s reply to this admission had always been the same: well, give it your best; I’m sure you’ll at least be able to tell us how to use the thing without blowing a hand off.

“From what I’ve read in these journals,” Sorrel began, pausing to look up at Ecliptus, “the Bridge of Petals and Lantern of Hidden Light were being developed for Breland’s Dark Lanterns. The Cloak of Weaponary and the Snapleaf was created for the Royal Eyes of Aundair. The Climbing Cloak and the Greater Boots of Striding and Springing were being crafted for Cyre’s Queen’s Forward Blades.” Sorrel snapped closed the journal she had been reading and let a grin spread across her face. “This room is filled with House Cannith’s spy toys for the Five Nation’s different espionage services.”

“Which means they’re probably worth a lot of money?” Ferriel asked cheerfully, as she tried on a pair of gloves one of the journals had identified as Gloves of the Spirit Blade.

“Which means they’re worth a lot of mo…” Sorrel began only to stop midway. She shook her head and rubbed at her eyes. “Sorry, this place is starting to get to me. I thought that dead artificer’s shadow was moving. Getting back to your question, the Last War might be over but these prototypes and their creation journals could fetch us a small fortune with the right buyers. Of course, we’ll also get some good use out of them.”

“Great news,” Ecliptus said, “but there’s still no sign of the schema Lady Elaydren sent us here to find. I’m all for making small fortunes, as long as we remember we have a job to do too.”

“Yep,” Siege agreed as he came to table, “keeping paying clients happy is the best way to keep making small fort… um…I think I just saw the dead guy’s shadow move too.”

The remaining Blue Dragons turned to look toward where the warforged pointed just as the dead Cannith artificer’s shadow began to shimmer and shake. It stood from the floor, the wisp of shadow appearing vaguely humanoid in outline and writhed with unholy life. It charged forward in attack. Az, moving with lightening reflexes, pulled her sword and slashed at where the creature’s head was. On a normal man, the head would have been taken clear from the body. The adventurers’ watched in horror as the fighter’s sword passed through the creature like it was made of air.

“Ferriel!” Sorrel called. “Those gloves you’re wearing. Imagine you’re holding a pair of short swords. It might be the only way to kill that thing before it can turn one of us into another shadow!”

Doing as she was told, the half-Drow was surprised to see two short swords made of smoky glass solidify in her hands. Twirling the blades, Ferriel leapt over a workbench to slash into the shadow. The creature reeled back in horrible pain and dissolved with a sucking pop.

Everyone turned to look at Sorrel. “Shadows are incorporeal undead,” she explained. “They kind of exist on both the material, or as it’s sometimes called, the corporeal plane, and another plane, usually the shadow plane or plane of the dead. That duel existence in both worlds means normal weapons don’t always work against such incorporeal creatures. Those gloves Ferriel is wearing, however, can actually pull magical energies from the astral planes and bend them together to form weapons made of pure force, which is basically an energy that also exists on two planes. That means it can hurt incorporeal creatures.”

“Do you know what I heard when you decided to get all technical with the magical explanation?” Ferriel said. “I heard, ‘blah, blah, blah, my new gloves make weapons that can hurt ghosts real. Did I understand that right?’”

“Well… yeah, you understood.” When Sorrel stopped to think about it, her year of training did happen to include her spending an awful lot of her off time in arcane libraries reading whatever she felt like. She might not be able to cast all of the forms of magic a wizard could, but she sure did have a lot of magical theory crammed inside her head.

“Right then,” Ecliptus began, “we’ve still got more of this place to search and I don’t want to spend any more time here than we have to. Let’s pack up any of the magic items that Sorrel is reasonably confident are working prototypes and only worry about grabbing those item’s creation journals. While I’m sure we could find buyers interested in the items that were still in their earlier phases of research, it would probably take us days to look through all of the stuff just in this lab. Oh, and Siege and/or Ferriel, before either one of you ask, no we just can’t take it all with us.”

“You people made of flesh, you’re just so weak,” the warforged said with his imitation of a laugh. “No stamina or strength of metal.”

“Yes, but remember, if a rust monster ate my armor, it would just be eating my armor. If a rust monster ate your armor, he’d be chewing on an arm or a leg.”

“You promised we would never speak of that incident again.”

“Now then, Rorsa, how much of Whitehearth is left to expl…” Ecliptus words died as he turned to find the Nameless Rouge riding on their dire-wolf companion. The elf closed his eyes and began to slowly rub at his forehead.

“What?” The Rogue asked with chipper.

“I know I’m going to regret asking, but, Rogue, why are you riding the dire wolf?”

“She’s fluffy!” The halfling replied in a way that suggested she believed Ecliptus should have already known the answer to such a silly question.

“Kind of makes her look like a goblin raider,” Siege offered.

“Not helping,” Ecliptus said.

“At least she’s at eye level. Now, I don’t have to worry about stepping on her.”

“Still not helping, sergeant, still not helping.”

After the party gathered the items Sorrel gave the all right to, the Blue Dragons made their way back to the second rotator room.

“There is only one more room to explore in this area,” Rorsa said. “After that, I can take you to the third rotator room, but I’ve never had any of the colored keys to make that room move before.”

“If House Cannith limited who had access to that side of this facility, I’m willing to bet that’s where they kept their most important research,” Az offered, thinking of her own experiences as a dragonmarked heir of House Lyrandar. “If the schema really is here, it’s probably in one of those rooms.”

“Point taken,” Ecliptus said, carefully considering Az’s information, “but there is only one room left to check off of this rotator room. Let’s see what we’ll find. Never heard of it hurting someone to be thorough.”

Inserting the yellow keycharm to rotate the entrance to the final room of this rotator room, the Blue Dragons found themselves facing a brightly lit corridor. Moving down the hallway, they entered a room where a swirling globe of rainbow colors sat in the center of the room. Stepping inside, the adventurers found themselves in an unnatural silence. All sound seemed to be absorbed in the room; they couldn’t even hear their own words as they attempted to speak.

As they moved deeper into the room, the globe of swirling colors suddenly lurched toward them in an attack. Sorrel, realizing the party faced another living spell, frantically began waving her arms and mouthing the words “color” and “spray” in warning. Seeing the party was preoccupied with fending off the attack, she finally gave up and pulled out her wands in an attempt to attack the spell with her own magic. The battle was fierce, but the Blue Dragons triumphed over the living color spray spell.

The adventurers found another door at the end of the room. Still in silence, they opened it to find a small room with a strange looking device inside. It was a tall pole, with large globes of light attached at various points. Az stepped inside first, wondering if her guess about the schema’s location being on the other side of Whitehearth was wrong.

Upon entering the room, Az suddenly found herself standing in a large chamber. Two raging bonfires she recognized as fire elementals flittered around the room while a strange vehicle with what appeared to be metal hydra heads sat lifeless at one end of the chamber. Az could see the vehicle was broken; its heavy damage included a shattered elemental binding ring. Waves of heat poured off the machine from a glowing liquid that bubbled over the machine to form a molten pool off to one side.

Attached to the shattered machine was a crystal chest. Inside, Az could just make out the distinct form of the schema the party was searching for. A flash of light brought Az back to the room with the tall pole of glowing lights.

“That was strange,” Az said, realizing she could hear her own voice again. Turning around she saw her fellow adventurers were about to walk through the doorway. “Hey, come quick, we can talk in here.”

“Is the schema in here? Did you fi…” Sorrel began to ask, only to find she too was transported to the chamber Az had just visited, having a similar experience.

“Okay, that is definitely some sort of scrying device.” Sorrel said after coming back to her real surroundings. “However, I just tried using it to look at that church we visited in Rose Quary, and it didn’t get past the Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum spell cast around this place. I think House Cannith used it to monitor things inside Whitehearth, either for security reasons or to keep track of the progress of their artificers without stopping them in their work.

“So you’re saying when you thought about the schema, it presented a vision of,” Ecliptus began, only to find himself scrying a vision of the larger chamber, “So you’re saying when you thought about the thing Lady Elaydren told us to find, it presented a vision of a room that is inside Whitehearth?”

“Yep, probably somewhere past the third rotator room.” Sorrel confirmed.

“Imagine that,” Az said, as she crossed her arms and smiled.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I should have listened to the House Heir,” Ecliptus said. “Let’s double back before Lady Azidra starts issuing commands to us like we were bunch of her sailors.”

“For calling me a lady, I most certainly would have you swabbing my deck for a month.”

“Oh, I’d bet the lieutenant would love to swab… oh, never mind. That one’s too easy even me,” Siege said. “Rorsa, lead the way to the third rotator room, if you please.”

The Blue Dragons followed the dire wolf through the maze of Whitehearth’s twisting corridors to arrive at the third rotator room. As Ecliptus was about to place a purple keycharm into the room’s control panel, the Nameless Rouge saw something that made her heart almost stop.

“Stop!” The Rouge called, sliding from Rorsa’s back to inspect the control pedestal. “Look, on the side of that control panel. A thin copper wire leads down into the ground. The other two rotator rooms never had anything like that.”

“So, what’re you saying?”

“It’s a trap!”

“Can you disarm it?”

“I’ll try,” the Rogue said. She gently touched the wire, testing it for any sort of charge running through it. Sensing none, she ran her fingers down the length of it. After that, the halfling slowly walked around the console. Finally, she shrugged, pulled a dagger from her vest and cut straight through the wire in one smooth motion. “There, it’s all better now.” She slid the dagger back into its hiding place among her clothes. “Probably.”

Ecliptus placed the purple keycharm into the console and released a held breath as the now familiar rotation began moving the room. The rotation settled on a corridor that led to another research lab. The Blue Dragons didn’t have to open any of the creation journals to figure you what House Cannith was developing here. Atop the worktables were various weapons, armor, and even a number of warforged components – some strange an unusual.

“Jackpot!” Siege walked over to a worktable to inspect some of the components. He picked up what looked like a battlefist made entirely of crystal. “Wait a minute. What the hell is this made of?”

While Siege inspected the warforged components, the other party members had gathered around the bodies of the three artificers that had died in this lab on the Day of Mourning. Only two of them were human. The third was a female of a humanoid race none of the adventurers have ever before encountered.

She was about the same height as an elf, but her body was much more gaunt and long of limb, almost skeletal in appearance. Her skin was rough and yellow, while her dead eyes were a gleaming black. Like an elf, her ears had sharp points, but were serrated at the back. Her clothing was very elaborate, and her armor was decorated with strange feathers, beads, and precious metals and gems. An empty greatsword scabbard was at her waist. A very elaborately decorated scabbard, as if it held a weapon gifted to the warrior by royalty.

Seeing the empty scabbard triggered a memory in Sorrel “By the Host, a githyanki!”

“A gith-what now?”

“A githyanki. I read about them years ago in a book entitled Races of the Planes. They were originally from what’s now a long forgotten world, destroyed by the daelkyr before the demons of madness ever came to Eberron. The daelkyr gifted the race as slaves to their illithids generals, and the mind flayers used them as frontline soldiers and servants. That is until the daelkyr’s attempted invasion of Eberron. There was this legendary warrior queen named Gith who lead the race in a rebellion. They broke free, but few survived the uprising. Those that did supposedly retreated to the Astral voids while other members of the race that now call themselves the Githzeri fled to Kythri, the plane of chaos. A very small number ever come to the prime material plane in Eberron. Those that do are usually found in Sarlona.”

“Sarlona?” Az spoke up, considering her knowledge of Eberron’s many continents. “That land is filled with psionics.”

“The githyanki wield major psionic powers, and this one looks like she might be an artificer. I wonder what she was doing in a House Cannith research facility,” Sorrel paused to consider this. “Siege, bring me that crystal battlefist and the creation journal that accompanies it.” The half-gnome carefully studied both items. “This is made from deep crystal. It’s hard as steel, but can allow a warforged to channel psionic powers through his attacks.”

“Can’t be. I’ve never heard of any psionic warforged before,” Siege replied. “They would have had to be forged that way and I came out of the Creation Forge in Sharn. I’ve seen every form of warforged Cannith makes.”

Sorrel began examining some of the other warforged components in the room. “Look at these. There’s three other components designed for what I guess we’d have to call a psiforged. A normal warforged could use some of them, but I’m telling you, these creation journals say a warforged would have some psionic powers to get the full benefit out of them. There’s even one that only works for a warforged with psionic powers.”

“You think this githyanki was here to help House Cannith create these psiforged?” Ecliptus asked.

“No,” Sorrel said, looking up at the lieutenant with a look of seriousness. “I think this githyanki was here to help create components for the psiforged House Cannith had already created. I mean, why build warforged components for a type of warforged that doesn’t exist yet?”

“But we’ve never seen or heard of anything like that ever being used on a battlefield. House Cannith isn’t exactly known for holding back on a product that could make them money.”

“Maybe they were elite units. Maybe they were only prototypes and Cannith didn’t get a chance to mass-produce them before the war ended and the creation forges were outlawed. Maybe the creation forge at Cannith’s primary enclave in Metrol was the only place that built them and it was destroyed along with Cyre on the Day of Mourning. There could be a hundred reasons we’ve never heard of them before. But that’s not what really has me worried.”

“All right, what’s worrying you?”

“Where’s the githyanki’s sword? Her scabbard is empty, and the githyanki carry these powerful silver swords gifted to them by their queen. The swords are considered holy objects. If what I’ve read about them is to be believed, she would have never parted with it while alive. It’s clear she died on the Day of Mourning, so I suspect someone else has been to Whitehearth before us. Someone who at the least took her sword.”

“Rorsa, are you sure no one else has been down here before us?” Ecliptus asked.

“You are the first humans I’ve seen since my other humans died so long ago,” the dire wolf said. “I’m not sure if I remember that strange human you call a githyanki, but I’ve never been to this part of the den before. However, if someone had come down here from the way you came, I would have noticed them.”

“Wonderful news,” Ecliptus ran a hand through his hair. “All right folks, I’m really beginning to want to get out of here and it’s only our second day. Same as the last lab grab anything Sorrel says is working and worth taking and then we’ll continue searching for the big chamber going to be on our way. I want to be out of here before the third day.”

“Lieutenant, do you think we should send someone up to check in with Failin?”

“Not yet, sergeant. I don’t think there’s much more to Whitehearth, but if it looks like we’ll have to spend another night here, I’ll go spea… did that pile of rocks just move?”

The adventurers turned to discover an earth mephit had been trapped under a research table watching them. When they noticed it, the mephit sucked in a gulp of air and spewed a tornado of rock towards the Blue Dragons. The adventurers dove into action, quickly making short work of the creature. After fidning no sign of the schema, the adventurers collected what they could from the weapons research lab and headed back to the rotator room.

“We’ve got red, yellow, and orange left. Anyone have a preference? No, then red it is.” Siege placed the red keycharm, turned the key and nothing happened.

“The room’s not moving.”

“I think I heard a click”

“I just tried it five times. It’s not doing anything. I’m going to try the green to see if it will move us back to the first rotator room.” The rotator room began moving again. “Okay, so we can get out of here.”

“Try the purple again.”

Siege compiled, and the Blue Dragons found the rotator room moved the entrance to the weapons research lab again.

“Try the red again.”

“Still nothing.”

“Maybe it’s broken. Try the orange or yellow one.”

Siege placed the orange keycharm in the panel and the rotator room started moving. When it stopped, the Blue Dragons found themselves staring down a long corridor. At the far end was a pair of large adamantine doors bearing a giant seal of House Cannith. Waves of heat rippled off the doors like an oven door.

“I think we’ve found the chamber with the fire elementals,” Az said.

“Think if we’re polite and ask real nicely they’ll let us take the schema and leave?” The Nameless Rogue asked.

“Have you ever dealt with a fire elemental that has broken free from a binding ring before, Little One?” Az asked as she sheathed her sword and took her bow from her back. At the halfling’s shake of her head, Az continued, “Well I have.” Az pulled an arrow from her new elemental quiver and nocked it to her bowstring. She began walking down the corridor.

“Rorsa, we appreciate all the help you’ve been to us this far, but I’m a little worried about what those fire elementals could do to you,” Ecliptus said. “It might be best if you stay here.”

“If that is how you feel, human, I will do as you wish. If you desire my help, you need only call.”

Opening the door, the adventurers found themselves in the chamber the scrying room had shown to Az, Sorrel, and Ecliptus. The two fire elementals twirled through the large room, flying above the shattered eldritch machine. As the trio had described, the crystal chest containing the schema was attached to the machine.

The elementals gave the adventurers moment’s glance before they reached raised their fiery hands and sent a stream of flame toward the Blue Dragons. Az dove under the first bought of fire, to come up into a crouch that allowed her to release an ice-charged arrow towards one of the creatures. Sorrel, created an orb of ice in her hand and hurled it toward the same elemental. Ecliptus and Siege charged forward to focus a joint attack on them other elemental, Ecliptus’ new boots brought him bounding toward the creature in a blinding speed. Ferriel and the Nameless Rogue circled to flank the creatures. Although a few of the adventurers were set ablaze, the elementals were no match of the combined might of the Blue Dragon’s determination and ice magic.

“Look at this machine,” Az said. “That looks like molten glass pouring up from the a chamber that seems to magically create it. I think the hydra heads must have ‘breathed’ it out like a dragon’s breath weapon.”

“God, that must have been a horrible way to die,” Ferriel said, her face twisting in disgust. “You don’t think that abandoned mining town we came through to get here was attacked by this thing?”

“Rose Quarry was covered in molten glass,” Ecliptus said. “This machine breathed molten glass as an offensive weapon. That’s just the sort of coincidence I’d make sure began a report I’d give a general after coming in from a reconnaissance mission behind the enemy’s front lines.”

“Yeah, and that’s just the sort of report that got us turned right back around to be sent back out in the field to either destroy or capture the machine,” Siege said.

“Right then,” Ferriel said, shaking off her discomfort, “Let’s take a look at what else is inside that chest.”

“It’s locked,” Siege said as he raised his battleaxe above his head. “Guess I’ll have to use my big key.”


“Yes, lieutenant?”

“We did happen to bring a rogue along with us. There’ll be no need for smashing.”

“I kinda like the smashing part.”

“Sorry, but no. Rogue, if you please.”

“No problem,” The Nameless Rouge said as she pulled a small velvet purse from a hiding place inside her cloak. Opening the purse, she pulled out several tiny tools she inserted inside the lock. In seconds, the lock clicked open. “Let’s see what kind of goodies we’ve got in here. Oh look, a couple of potions and a scroll that could’ve given us resistance to fire – that would have been helpful a few minutes ago. Here’s the diamond-shaped schema Lady E wanted, and there’s what looks like a duplicate copy. Oh, and what’s this big disk?” The halfling held up a large disk made of adamantine covered in runes and symbols engraved in mithral. The disk also had four sockets in it.


“Hmm, looks like it could be the creation pattern Lady Elaydren had mentioned in her note to us. Look at those sockets. There’s one that looks like it would be a perfect fit for the schema in the chest and another that could take the crescent moon shaped one we found in that old Cannith forgehold under Sharn. I’d say we have what we were sent here for.”

“Best news I’ve heard all day,” Ecliptus said. “Time to pack up and leave.”

Although the adventurers found a control panel in the chamber that seem to be able to open and close the roof, they decided to rejoin Rorsa and double back through Whitehearth to leave by the same way they had entered the facility.

“Rorsa, if you want to leave this place, it might take us a while, but I’m sure we can get you and your pack up through this way.”

“No, this is our den now. There is plenty of food and plenty of water. My pack has lived off of the bounty our den has provided us for years. I worry they would not know how to hunt if they returned to the surface. You have removed all of the dangers we faced here. No, we will stay here.”

“But, but…” The Nameless Rogue eyes glistened and her lower lip twitched as she wrapped her arms around the dire wolf’s thick neck. “My Rorsa.”

“No little one. This is our den. We must stay. It will be okay. Often will I think of your belly rubs.”

“If you choose to stay, then here,” Ecliptus pulled every color of keycharms the party had found and attached them to Rorsa’s color, “take these so you can move about. I’ll admit to feeling better about leaving this place behind knowing you’ll be here as its guardian. In fact, I’m hoping you’d be willing to keep anyone else out of here unless we sent them. Is there any signal or token I could give them to let you know it would be all right for them to enter?”

Rorsa sat back and stared thoughtfully at the elf for a moment. “Do you have a glove I can have?”

“Sure, but how will that help?”

“All you humans look the same to me. If someone ever comes here saying you sent them, if you give them a glove or shirt you’ve worn, I can compare the smell to this glove to know that you told them they could come here.”

After that, the Blue Dragons made their departure from Whitehearth. Climbing back to the surface, the adventurers made their way through the tunnel, coming out of the faux mining cave entrance. However, upon stepping out of the cave, the group found themselves surrounded by a group of Emerald Claw agents: six soldiers, four skeletons, and a female necromancer.

“Well done adventurers!” the disembodied gravely voice easily recognized as belonging to Brother Garrow called from the surrounding mist. “I applaud you for your efforts at finding Whitehearth. As you can see, it is futile to fight us. Give me the third schema, and I will let you live. Oppose us, and I will take it from your corpses, and then raise your bodies to serve me.”

“What do we do now?” The Nameless Rogue asked. “Should we try to run back down the cave and try to get back inside Whitehearth?”

“That necromancer looks like a wizard, not a cleric,” Sorrel said. “I don’t like the thought of what a fireball could do to us being so tightly packed inside this cave.”

“I’ve lived through something similar,” Siege said.

“This is nothing like Cairn Hill,” Ecliptus said. “If we could be confident their mage doesn’t have any heavy hitting spells, I’d say backing down this cave would be perfect for forcing them to come at us two at a time instead of surrounding us on three sides. I’m not willing to risk it.”

“He only asked for the schema,” Az said. “He probably doesn’t know anything about the creation pattern. We could always toss him the copy we found and try bluffing our way out of here.”

“I grew up in Cliffside,” Ferriel said. “I can smell it a mile away when someone’s planning a double cross. Trust me, his plan is to take the schema and kill us no matter the order.”

“Adventurers? My patience is not without end. I wish to know your answer.”

“So, we’re going to fight our way out?” Siege asked.

“We’re going to fight our way out,” Ecliptus said. “Go for the mage first in case we have to withdraw to the cave.”

“Go for the mage first? Yeah, this is exactly like Cairn Hill.” Siege pulled the massive battleaxe from his back. “You’re just trying to block out the memory. It’s not like you were on fire all that long of a time.”

“Well,” Az pulled her sword from its scabbard, “I did want to see what my new sword was capable of doing.”

The adventurers surged forward. Az struck out with her new blade, receiving strength with each strike she made against a foe. Ecliptus twirled Talen Kara, the magic weapon glowed with light as the elf seemed to dance with death. Siege rushed forward like a batting ram to bring down the female necromancer with one mighty swipe of his axe, the spell she had been preparing dying on her lips. Sorrel pulled a wand of burning hands and sent tiny fireballs into one entire side of the enemy encirclement with devastating effect. Ferriel, using her gloves, twisted her short shorts into maces and back again as she struck back and fourth at an Emerald Claw solider or an undead skeleton. The Nameless Rouge, used her height and chains to trip unsuspecting enemies and then quickly pounced on them with a dagger to their throat. The fight was long and vicious, but the Blue Dragons found themselves victorious.

“Show yourself, Garrow,” Az shouted to the sky. “You want to take this schema from us? Come out and take it yourself, you piece of Karrnathi swine.”

“Az, he was in his gaseous form. The vampire’s probably gone by now,” Ecliptus said. “We need to check on Failin and make sure he’s still all right. Look, his land cart is over there, but I see no sign of him.”

“I’m right here,” Failin called, as a rope tumbled down from the air above his land cart. Moments later, the former House Orien heir climbed down from his extra-dimensional hiding space. “I’ve been hiding since you all went down into those ruins. I’m sorry I couldn’t warn you about those soldiers. When I awoke yesterday they were already here waiting for you all to come back out.”

“You know what, I don’t care,” Ecliptus said, climbing into Failin’s land cart. “Just get us the hell out of the Mournland.”

“Yep,” Siege said as he climbed into the back of the land cart, “that’s pretty much how you felt after Cairn Hill too.”

With that, the adventures started back on the four-day journey back to Rhukaan Draal, not stopping once while still in the Mournland. Arrivng back in the goblinoid city, the adventurers paused once to recount what they could with Orvik, the leader of Rhukaan Drall’s druids, of their time inside the Mournland. The druid was quite pleased with the information they shared, gave them 200 gold and healed any party member still nursing wounds. The Blue Dragons also heard word that Lady Elaydren was waiting for them back at the Clenched Fist in the Bloody Market district of the city. The party made their way over to the rundown tavern.

“Failin, I have to say we’re quite pleased with your services,” Siege said as he handed their guide the remainder of his payment. “Although, I have to tell you we’d appreciate it if you forgot you ever took us anywhere before. There’s more than a few extra coins in that bag to help you forget about where we went.”

“Where did we go? Who are you people? Never seen you a day in my life before.”


“Discreation comes with the job, my boy, but in all seriousness, if you ever need a guide out this way again, drop by the Fist and send word you have need of me. I rather enjoy customers who don’t try to kill me.”

After saying their goodbyes, the Blue Dragons made their way inside the tavern where they were greated by an expectent Lady Elaydren. Seeing the House Cannith heir’s questioning look, Ecliptus pulled both the diamond-shapped schema and disk creation pattern from his backpack. “I might not be the best waiter, but I believe the Lady had placed a special order.”

“May Olladra bless all your days. You recovered both the schema and the creation pattern. I had no idea the pattern was even at Whitehearth. You have the thanks of House Cannith West for all of your service.” Elaydren pulled a hefty bag of coins and sat it down at the table before the party.

“Yeah, about that,” Siege said, as he dug into his own backpack and pulled out an artificer’s creation journal. He sat it down before the Cannith heir “We have more than a few somethings you can be thankful to us for.”

Note: This is the first part of a three-part recap of a game session. The the second part can be found by clicking here, while the third part can be found here.

Up Next: “Let me try to make a deal, Part B of Game 5 Recap

Important Information Learned, Rumors Heard, Job Leads from this game:
  • Among the dead artificers at Whitehearth was the body of a githyanki woman. Her presence has created a couple of mysteries: 1.) it was clear she was their helping House Cannith develop warforged componets for psiforge, but none of the adventurers haver ever heard of the existence of such warforges; 2.) her silver sword was missing, indicating someone had been to Whitehearth prior to the adventurers.
  • The Order of the Emerald Claw was interested in finding Whitehearth for the same schema Lady E. wished recovered. From the creation pattern the adventurers found, there seems to be four schemas that work together for a as of yet unknown purpose. [[:Brother Garrow | Brother Garrow]], leader of the Emerlad Claw agents that attacked the party had told the adventurers to hand over the “third” schema, seeming to indicate he may have or know something about two other pieces.
Into the Mournlands (Game 4 Recap)
Ferriel, the undead slayer.

The following events occured in the world of Eberron between Far, the 20th of Therendor and Sar, the 21st of Therendor (Real world equivalent of Friday, March 20 and Saturday, March 21, Early Spring)

Primary Job: Lady Elaydren d’Cannith hired the adventures to locate the ruins of Whitehearth – an abandoned House Cannith research facility hidden somewhere in the Mournlands – and retrieve a schema that was being researched by Cannith Artificers during the Day of Mourning.

Side Jobs: Rorsa, the awakened dire wolf, asked for the adventurers help in rescuing the wolves of her pack from a cruel stone wolf golem that held them captive.

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrel – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met:
  • Failin – male dragonmarked human expert/rogue, hired guide in Darguun and the Mournland.
  • Rorsa – the awakened, dire wolf pack leader of Whitehearth’s wolves.

List of items taken by PCs this game: Loot List 4

Previous important events of current adventure:

After saving Lady Elaydren d’Cannith from agents of the Lord of Blades, the adventurers accepted her job offer to retrieve a schema from Whitehearth, a secret House Cannith research facility. The job would first bring the adventurers to the goblinoid nation of Darguun where they had the best chance of discovering Whitehearth’s location in the now abandoned mining town of Rose Quarry. The adventurers left Sharn by ship to travel by the fastest route, but were attacked by an Order of the Emerald Claw necromancer. After arriving in Rhukaan Drall, Darguun’s capital city, the adventurers hired a guide by the name of Failin(formerly of House Orien) and visited with the orcs of the city’s druid grove to purchase supplies that would work in the Mournland. Making their way to Rose Quarry, they discovered it was not as abandoned as it should have been. More agents of the Emerald Claw had come to the forgotten mining town. The party discovered in an encounter with Brother Garrow, the agents’ vampire leader, the Emerald Claw was also in search of Whitehearth. Fortunately, the party managed to learn of Whitehearth’s location and escape the strange glass covered town with its strange glass-covered dwarf zombies.

Recap of events from the last game:

After spending hours evading the pursuit of the Emerald Claw soldiers from Rose Quarry, the adventurers finally felt it safe to have Failin turn his elemental land cart towards the wall of Gray Mist. Failin studied the map the party had made to indicate Whitehearth’s hidden location.

“Yeah, I can get you there fairly quickly. It’s near enough to the border that I’d say we’re about three, maybe four hours away. That’s the good news.” Failin’s voice trailed off as he looked up at the approaching mist. His expression was a mixture of sadness, and a little fear.

“What’s the bad news?” Ecliptus asked.

“The bad news is we’ll have to pass through the remains of a pretty big battle line from the Last Battle. It looks like Whitehearth is near the place Dagger Company of Breland’s Fifth Regiment smacked into Cyre’s Arrow and Bracer Companies from their Third Regiment. Both were on the move.”

Ecliptus looked at the former House Orien heir, surprised he knew so much detail about the actual units that clashed at a specific battle line during the Last Battle. “A company of Brelish Infantry versus two companies of Cyran Archers that weren’t dug in behind their own infantry.” Siege and Sorrell, also Brelish veterans, nodded their agreement. “I’d bet there had to have been a lot of dead bodies from both sides lying on that field before the Mourning even hit.”

“We’re talking about three or four hundred dead soldiers lying along that battle line,” Failin said. “Big piles of dead in the Mournland, well, that tends to attract all sorts of the strange and deadly shit this place is known for. That’s the bad news.

“Now, if you want to live, understand that you hired me as your guide because I’ve been in the Mournland more than a time or two. That means you better listen to me and do as I say, no matter how far out there it sounds. If I tell you to flap your arms and cluck like a damn chicken, for the Sovereigns’ sakes, don’t ask why. Do it and do it quick. It might just mean your life.”

“Hmm, that sounds fun,” the Nameless Rogue said. “Can I call myself ‘Cluck’ today?”

“No!” came the unified voices of the other adventurers as Failin’s cart entered the mist.

Passing into the cloying Gray Mist felt like entering a different place of existence. Light barely reflected through the shifting layers of vapor. Sounds became muffled and distant, even if it came from the person sitting next to you. Being inside the mist created a feeling of wrongness in all of the adventurers, like the mist shouldn’t exist and it led to a place of dread and loneliness. For some of the adventurers, especially those that had been here before, thoughts of turning back entered their minds. Fortunately, the earth elemental bound to Failin’s land cart seemed not to care about any of this and chugged forward.

It took more than an hour to breakthrough to the other side. Desolate, barren landscape greeted the party. The ground was cracked and broken, fused into jagged glass in some places. Few plants grew on the ground, and those that did looked twisted and dangerous.

“Yep, this pretty much looks like I remember it,” Siege said.

Ecliptus nodded in agreement, remembering their harrowing escape on the Day of Mourning. “Why are we doing this again?”

“Money!” Ferriel cheerfully called from the back of the cart. When Ecliptus and Seige turned to glare at her, she shrugged. “A lot of money?”

Silence settled over the party as Failin increased the speed of the land cart. The party was making pretty good time until they neared the ruins of shattered siege engine. What looked like a large ball with wings popped up in front of the cart. It was so close that Failin couldn’t turn his cart in time. It landed inside the cart, turning over to reveal it was actually a humanoid head.

“A vargouille!” Failin brought the land cart to a halt. “Everyone out of the cart now!”

All of the adventurers jumped free from the cart, managing to draw their weapons before touching foot to ground. The somewhat dazed vargouille turned over and began to suck in breath as Ferriel let fly a flurry of arrows that killed the creature in a gory explosion (natural 20 crit).

“What’s the big deal? It was just a head,” Ferriel said. “Look what my arrow did to it. Exploded like a melon. Why are we all freaking out? I mean it had bat wings, so that was kind of gross. But, really, what can a head do? Bite us to death?”

“Trust me, you do not want that thing’s lips touching you,” Failin said. “It’s one reason I never enter this place without a scroll of…”

Failin’s voice was cut off but the baying howls of three wolves leaping over the broken siege engine. When the adventurers turned to face the new threat, they discovered the wolves were little more than skeletons that were twisted and deformed. Human skeleton parts fused to their spines made their already grisly appearance worse.

The adventurers leapt into action. Sorrel unleashed blasts from her wand, Az and Ecliptus drew their bows. Siege charged forward, while the Nameless Rogue began moved toward them. Ferriel, having learned a lesson from the skeletons that attacked them while traveling by ship, pulled a length of wood from the ruined siege engine. The half-drow warrior woman figured it made a good makeshift club. Ferriel smashed two of the skeletons to bits, while the other party members dealt with the remaining wolf.

“All right,” Siege began as he studied the smashed remains of a wolf’s skull, an example of Ferriel’s handiwork, “somebody get that lady a mace.”

Before climbing back into the land cart, the adventurers made a point of looking over the fallen soldiers that lay among the broken siege engine. Although they had to have died four years ago, their bodies looked like they had just passed. Seeing they wore Brelish uniforms, Ecliptus made a point of closing each of their eyes, saying a small prayer to the Sovereign Host, and carefully took their identification papers as well as any obvious heirlooms (wedding rings, lockets, etc) their surviving family members would want returned.

Getting back on their journey, it wasn’t long before the land cart came to the ruins of the battle line Failin warned they would encounter. The dead were as numerous as their guide had warned. However, the most unsettling site was what lay in the center of the battlefield.

“Is that a mound of bodies?” Az asked.

“Looks like it,” Failin returned.

“How did they get piled up so high like that?” Az returned, thinking of her own time serving in Aundair’s army. “I’ve only ever seen something like that come from assaulting a fortress wall. We haven’t even seen a farm house in miles.”

“Remember my ‘strange shit’ talk from earlier,” Failin said.

“Wonderful,” Ecliptus spoke up. “Well, let’s slow down and make sure something worse than a flying head isn’t planning to pop out and attack us as we pass.”

“What if the whole pile of bodies get up and start chasing us?” Siege asked.

“Thank you for putting that thought into my head.”

The adventurers left the land cart and slowly approached the mound of corpses. The scene was eerily silent, without even the sound of wind blowing. No scent of death or decay was in the air, despite the number of bodies scattered across the field. As the party drew closer to the mound, they watched in horror as it suddenly shifted, rising up from the ground on eight crablike legs. Four eyestalks emerged, and a giant crustacean covered in corpses shambled toward the adventurers, angrily snapping it’s giant pinchers.

“I think I’m going to need a bigger Axe,” Siege said, as he pulled the massive double-bladed weapon from his back.

“Less talkie, talkie.” Az screamed, charging forward with her long sword, ducking under the gigantic crab’s pincer to strike its soft underbelly. “More killie, killie.”

Despite its size and the harrowing odds, our heroes triumphed in the end.

Seeing Ecliptus eyeing the fallen members of Breland’s Dagger Company, Siege moved close to the elf warrior. “You wouldn’t be planning on praying over all of these soldiers are you, Lieutenant?” The warforged voice was quiet, respectful. He already knew the answer.

“They were our countrymen.” Ecliptus returned softly, as he bent over the nearest of the fallen soldiers. He closed her dead eyes, said a quick prayer, and found her identification papers.

“I know, but you doing stuff like this is why it took us two weeks to get out of Cyre after the Day of Mourning.” Siege said. The warforged then bent over a different Brelish soldier to close his eyes, say a quick prayer to a higher power he wasn’t sure he believed in, and dug for the fallen soldier’s identification papers. “We visit the Mournland much more, we’ll probably have to start considering you a cleric.”

Being respectful of Ecliptus and Siege, the remaining adventurers searched through the dead soldiers’ equipment for any supplies worth salvaging. In their search, they discovered a number of treasurers including Talen Kara (+1 double scimitar), some magical potions and items, a letter of credit with the Kundarak Banking Guild worth 400gp, and a Talenta tanget (halfling version of the scimitar), which the Nameless Rogue picked up and twirled around in an amazing display of proficiency.

“Wow, I didn’t know I knew how to use one of those,” the Nameless Rogue said. “Did you any of you guys know I knew how to use one of these?”

“Um, no,” Sorrel said, “but come look at this.” A warband of Valenar elves and Talenta Plains halfling hunters laid among the dead Brelish and Cyran soldiers lay. “I find this most curious. These guys shouldn’t be here.”

“Wha’ch mean?” The halfling asked.

“For starters, neither Breland or Cyre hired any halfling mercenaries out of Talenta,” Sorrel began, pointing to the dead halflings in their tribal battle dress. “Both sides had Valenar mercenaries, but this warband is barely bigger than a squad. There’d have to be a platoon of them if they had died at this battle.”

“What do you mean by ‘If’?” Az asked, coming up to inspect the bodies.

“Well, look at the shirt this woman was wearing. See the way cuffs puff out in ruffles.”

“Oh, that’s pretty a color.” The rogue said. “Too bad she’s so damn tall. Won’t fit me.”

“Those cuffs are actually pretty practical for a swordswoman. The openness doesn’t put any constraint on the wrists. You use a rapier. You should know what I’m talking about here.” Az said, pointing to the cuffs of her own shirt. “I picked up four of these shirts when they came out in Sharn, I think about a month back.”

“That’s exactly, my point. Why is an elf wearing clothing that came out barely a month ago, found dead at the site of a battle that took place four years back?”

“Time travel.” The Nameless Rogue said confidently.

“Um, no. I’m going to guess they died in the last week or so.” Sorrel said. “And with this battlefield being so close to Whitehearth, I’m concerned we have yet another group to deal with. Between the Lord of Blades and the Order of the Emerald Claw, we already knew Cannith West is not the only party interested in retrieving that schema. Help me search through their possessions for any clues as to what they’re doing here.”

Despite Sorrel, Az and the Nameless Rogue’s careful search of both the Valenar elves and the Talenta halflings, they could find nothing to suggest these dead were here for any specific reason. A few had barbs in their bodies, suggesting they were victims of the carcass crab.

“All right, I guess I’ll just have to assume they were here roaming through ruins. I know Valenar and Talenta aren’t on good terms. It might just be they encountered each other and started a skirmish that attracted the attention of the crab. It makes sense from the barbs we found in some of them. Still…” Sorrell’s voice trailed off as she became lost to her thoughts.

“Still what?” Az asked.

“Time travel?” The Halfling offered. “It could happen.”

“In Sharn, the Valenar are represented by Caerlyn’s Blade, a mercenary troop based in the Bazaar of Middle Dura. They likely would know more of this woman if she, in fact, had been in Sharn last month. Perhaps I shall pay them a visit when we return to the city.”

After four hours spent at the site of the battle, the adventurers climbed back aboard Failin’s land cart and continued on their way. A short time later, they came to an abandoned mineshaft dug into a low hill. A more careful inspection of the opening revealed the House Cannith seal emblazoned on the center crossbeam. The timbered opening led into a dark tunnel.

“Well, I guess we’re here,” Ecliptus said.

“Remember my three-day rule,” Failin said as the party climbed out of his cart. “Sundown is in an, so I’ll give you tomorrow morning, and the next two mornings inside. At sunrise on the fourth day, if one of you doesn’t check in, I assume you’re dead and leave.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll…” Ecliptus began, but a large zombie vulture dove out of the sky to attack cut off his words. The adventurers scattered, as the creature swooped back and fourth attempting to focus its attacks on Sorrell, the group’s mage. Ferriel pulled her bow free and, again, let fly a well-placed arrow that struck the bird with such force, it burst in a scattering of feather and bone. Everyone turned to stare at the half-drow warrior woman.

“Okay, so I’m good at killing undead.” Ferriel said. “But is there money in that? Zombies and skeletons have very little loot, and the stuff they do have is typically rusty, musty, fungus-covered, or ripped. I like pretty things. I need gold, people.”

“Well, vampires are pretty rich. Oh, and then there’s liches,” Siege said, cracking on a sunrod and entering the tunnel. “I’ve heard you’ve got to have some seriously big jewels to be a lich.”

“Tell me more of these rich undead you speak of,” Ferriel said, following.

Entering the mine, the adventurers found themselves walking in a long, snaking tunnel that eventually led to a 4-foot-wide adamantine hatch set into the floor. The hatch’s locking mechanism was coated in a blue enamel similar to the blue keycharm Lady Elaydren had given them in Sharn, a couple of weeks ago. Opening the hatch with the key, they found a circular metal shaft with a metal ladder leading down into a wall of complete darkness. Ecliptus dropped a sunrod down the shaft to light the bottom, but the rod disappeared when it passed through the darkness. The elf fighter looked up at Sorrell.

“Has to be Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum cast permanently around this place,” the warmage, as the party’s expert in the arcane, explained. “That’s probably why no one could ever find this place with a scyring spell. Should be safe.”

Climbing down the party found themselves in a strange metal chamber shaped in a sphere. The only exit appeared to be the shaft they had descended from. The room’s only feature was an octagonal metal plate set into a pedestal at the room’s center. The metal plate had nine sockets – five blue, two green, and two brown.

“Looks like the blue keycharm will fit in the blue sockets.” Siege said. At everyone’s nod, the warforged placed the keycharm into one of the blue sockets. A powerful vibration shook the walls of the chamber, and slowly, the entire room began to rotate. The adventurers had to move to keep from falling down, but groves in the floor helped them stay on their feet. In less than a minute the chamber had rotated, and now the entryway they climbed down opened to a doorway instead of a hatch in the ceiling.

Following the corridor, the party found themselves in a laundry room. Floor-to-ceiling shelves with fresh bed sheets, blankets, towels and clothing were stacked high. A massive washbasin sat at the end of the room. The pleasant smell of clean clothing filled the air. Just as the adventures were about to turn away to head back to the rotator room, a clean white tunic floated out of the basin, folded itself, and stacked itself on one of the shelves.

The wide-eyed adventurers ran to the washbasin for a closer inspection.

Sorrel discovered what appeared to be an Artificer’s Creation Journal on a nearby shelf. The washbasin apparently was a domestic magical item being crafted at Whitehearth. The washbasin actually created and used its own unseen servant to clean any clothing or linens placed nearby. According to the journal, the washbasin was in its final testing stages when the Mourning hit.

“This journal has all the notes an artificer would need to create more of these washbasins,” Sorrell said, flipping through the pages. “Do you know what this would be worth to House Cannith? Any of the House Canniths? Any artificer for that matter?”

The party agreed they would take the journal and search for additional journals in the research facility. The washbasin, being so large, was too heavy to take with them.

Returning to the rotator room, the adventurers tried two more sockets. The first opened to a corridor that smelt of burnt wood and charred flesh. Entering a barracks wing of Whitehearth, they encountered a living flame sphere, and found a brown keycharm in this section’s bath area.

The next rotator room socket, brown, brought the party to storage room full of emergency provisions. Among the items were a number of useful potions.

Trying the next socket at the rotator room, another blue, they were brought to the entrance of another barracks wing. The first thing they noticed was blood splatter indicating someone or something had been dragged along the floor. As they cautiously eased their way down the hall, a massive dire wolf appeared at the end of the hallway.

“Humans! I haven’t seen humans in a long time.” A large dire wolf asked, then sat down on the floor, her very massive tail making a distinct thump, thump, thump sounds as it wagged. “Are you friendly humans?”

“Sergeant?” Ecliptus called.

“Yes, Lieutenant?” Siege returned.

“Did a dire wolf just come out of that doorway?

“Yes, Lieutenant.”

“Did it start talking to us?”

“Yes, Lieutenant.”


“Yes, Lieutenant.”

“Thank the Sovereigns. I thought I had just gone as daft as the damn rogue.”

“I am right here you know!” The Nameless Rogue called, but then turned and saw two normal-sized gray wolves step out from the nearby bath area. “Look, she has puppies!”

“Rogue, no, wait!” Ecliptus called, reaching for the halfling as she ran out of his grasp. “We don’t know if… okay their letting her pet them.”

“And now she’s scratching their bellies,” Siege observed.

The dire wolf explained her name was Rorsa, and that at the same time all her human caretakers at Whitehearth died in the Mourning four years ago, she suddenly found she was quite smarter. If she tried, she could form the words the humans could speak, instead of just her normal wolf growl talk. She took care of the other two wolfs and claimed this area of Whitehearth as their den. They had water from the bath and food from the dead bodies in the barracks, as the wounds they would create in the dead flesh would grow back in hours (an effect of the Mournland). She figured out how to use the rotator rooms with her teeth, showing the adventurers the blue and green keycharms that hung from her collar.

Rorsa asked many questions about the outside world, and then, sensing their friendliness, warned them of the flame sphere (which they had already encountered), and a dangerous stone wolf that lived in the kennel section. Rorsa explained that there were more wolves living in the kennel, but the stone wolf always fought her off every time she attempted to free them. She asked the party to help her slay the evil wolf and free the rest of her pack, offering her keycharms, a pearl of power, and her aid while they roamed Whitehearth.

The party agreed, but first decided it best to rest for the night. Rorsa agreed to that. However, before turning in for the night, the adventurers made a careful study of the barracks wing, finding what appeared to be the captain of the guard’s room. Inside they found numerous high quality weapons and armor, as well as a red key charm.

The next morning the party continued exploring Whitehearth with Rorsa as their guide. The dire wolf was content to allow the adventurers to explore as they made their way to the kennel. They used the rotator room to get inside Whitehearth’s administrative office. While the office was filled with books, all were ledgers or records. There was nothing remotely close to appearing as the schema or any other creation journals.

The next socket from the rotator room brought the adventurers to a dining hall. They searched the room, recovering more keycharms from the ten human corpses that sat at the various tables in the room. The bodies were still warm to the touch and rigor mortis had not set in, as if they were only sleeping and couldn’t be awakened. Even their half-eaten plates of food felt as if it had only been cooked a few moments ago.

“It looks like they were taking their mid-day meal when the Mourning hit here,” Sorrell said.

“It hit us just before sunset,” Ecliptus said, a far off look coming to his eyes. “We were farther to the north. My Ranger’s Band was one of the ones tasked with hampering the Cyran Forts along the Thrane and Breland borders when the Cyrans tried sending reinforcements to defend Metrol against our main assault. I remember the sight of that damn Gray Mist wall rolling forward. It was like a giant wave about to crash against a shoreline. I thought we were blessed. It offered the perfect cover to hit a fort while the company inside was readying to march.” Returning to the first rotator room, the only socket left to try, as Rorsa explained, would lead them to another, smaller rotator room with four sockets, one of which accessed the kennel. The adventurers made ready for battle.

Arriving at the kennel, they discovered a large creature that had the shape of a wolf, but plates of black marble fused into its flesh. Its muzzle had been replaced by an elongated maw filled with row upon row of obsidian teeth. The adventurers, with Rorsa, charged in to attack.

“Should I be taking a picture of this?” The Nameless Rogue asked, as she twisted under the swiping claws of the wolf, to come up and smash her chain whips into the creature’s head. “I bet the Sharn Inquisitive would just love to have a story about this.”

The creature withstood an incredible amount of damage, as the party’s weapons – even the magical ones – barely scratched or dented it. Sorrell attempted to blast away at the creature with her wands. However, her magic missiles sank into the creature’s stone skin doing no damage.

“That’s no stone wolf,” Sorrel screamed. “That’s a Gods-be-damned golem. Siege, you’re made of adamantine, right?”

“Yeah?” the warforged returned.

“Then drop your axe and start hitting it with your fists! It’ll hurt him more.”

The warforged’s fists started bashing great gashes into the stone body of the wolf golem. Soon, the foul creature was reduced to a pile of rubble. Rorsa’s wolves were freed and the party searched the kennel. The schema was nowhere to be found, but the party did find an orange keycharm and essence node of blinding (warforged component).

Returning to the small rotator room to continue their search for the schema, the adventurers selected the orange socket. The corridor opened to a room that appeared to be a research lab. Resting on the worktables were articles of clothing and various items whose purpose none of the adventurers could immediately guess the purpose of. Alchemical tools and spell components were scattered about the tables as if someone had only left them unattended for a moment. Only one dead body lay in the room, that of a Cannith researcher that looked to have been working through lunch when the Mourning took his life.

Finding more Artificer’s Creation Journals revealed the items in this room were being developed by House Cannith for sale to the Five Nations’ espionage branches. However, the party only got to examine half of the room contents when the dead man’s shadow begin to shimmer and shake as it stood up. This wisp of shadow was vaguely humanoid in outline and writhed with unholy life.

It lunged forward in attack.

Important Information Learned, Rumors Heard, Job Leads from this game:
  • In Sharn, Valenar is represented by Caerlyn’s Blade, a mercenary troop based in the Bazaar of Middle Dura. They may know more about the recently slain warband of Valenar elves found among at the battlefield near Whitehearth.
  • Eclitpus took possession of Talen Kara, the double scimitar. While he intends to wield the weapon initially, he did determine returning a weapon this special to the Valenar elves in Sharn would likely win the respect and favor of the Valenar’s ambassador, Daera Sorandal. As she is not just Valenar’s ambassador to Breland, but also the other nations, the bard could prove to be a powerful ally.
In search of Whitehearth (game 3 recap)
Ice, ice, bab... no wait, that's glass!

The following events occured in the world of Eberron between Mol, the 16th of Therendor and Far, the 20th of Therendor (Real world equivalent of Monday, March 16 and Friday, March 20, Early Spring)

Primary Job: Lady Elaydren d’ Cannith hired the adventures to locate the ruins of Whitehearth – an abandoned House Cannith research facility hidden somewhere in the Mournlands – and retrieve a schema that was being researched by Cannith Artificers during the Day of Mourning.

Side Jobs: None.

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrell – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met:
  • Failin – male dragonmarked human expert/rogue, hired guide in Darguun and the Mournlands.
  • The Tuv Brothers – A trio of male bugbear warriors that attacked the party in the Bloody Market.
  • Orvik – Male Orc druid, leader of the grove recently established in Rhukaan Draal.
  • Brother Garrow – Male vampire necromancer. Leader of the Emerald Claw party encamped at Rose Quarry.

Previous important events of current adventure: After narrowly saving the party’s primary patron, Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, from agents of the Lord of Blades, the adventurers accepted her latest job offer: retrieve a second schema from a secret Cannith research facility known as Whitehearth. The job would first bring the adventurers to the goblinoid nation of Darguun where they had the best chance of discovering Whitehearth’s location in the now abandoned Cannith mining town of Rose Quarry. The adventurers left Sharn by ship to travel by the fastest route, but were attacked by a necromancer and his minions late on the evening of the third night. After defeating the necromancer, the adventurers discovered a letter in his possession that included descriptions on each party member and instructions to stop them before they reached Rose Quarry. It was signed only with the seal of Order of the Emerald Claw, a terrorist organization that had once been the elite shock troops of the nation of Karrnath until the knightly order was outlawed by the Karrnath king due to their increasingly deplorable actions conducted during the Last War.

Recap of events from the last game: Arriving in Rhukaan Drall by mid-morning of their fourth day out of Sharn, the adventurers disembarked their ship in search of Failin, a guide Lady Elaydren instructed them to find. The adventurers discovered the former Cyran frontier town and now Darguun capital was a hodgepodge of architecture: mud and timber huts were randomly mixed in with crumbling stone buildings. Fortunately, finding the Bloody Market where Failin was said to spend most of his time was easy. The party needed only to follow the sounds of violent haggling and bloodshed. Traveling through the market stalls, the party saw a number of poisons and other illegal items that would be hard to come by in Sharn on display at merchant stands like fruit or simple trinkets. Despite the hostile stares of the many goblinoids that filled the marketplace, the adventurers learned Failin conducted his business out of a tavern called the Clenched Fist. The rundown tavern seemed to cater to the more common and less monstrous races of Khorvaire. They were told to look for a placard displaying a mummified ogre’s fist.

Upon finding the bar, Ecliptus passed the barkeep a few coins and the party found themselves pointed to a corner where a gangly human man with unruly red hair, and bright blue eyes sat alone. His lined and weathered skin hinted he was a man that made his living outdoors, but his clean and well-tailored clothing marked him as someone who was not short on coin.

Failin sat quietly as the party approached, allowing the adventurers to speak first. He listened to their request for transportation, and agreed he could take the party to Rose Quarry, but wanted to know up front if they planned on going any further. The former mining town was very close to the Gray Mists of the Mournland. Failin wasn’t against a journey into Cyre, but doing so made a difference in the price. The group admitted their intentions to journey into the Mournland after first visiting Rose Quarry in search of clues as to the location of Whitehearth. “I can take you, yes,” Failin said, “but it will cost you; sixty gold each, forty up front. You bring your own supplies. In which case, you’ll want to visit the orcs. Finally, if you enter any ruins, I will give you three days inside without hearing back from you. At dawn on the fourth day, if you don’t at least send someone to check in, I assume you’re all dead and leave. Do we all understand that? Three days. I give no more. I take no less.” Agreeing to his terms, the party made ready to leave the tavern for supplies.

No sooner had they stepped outside of the Clenched Fist, a trio of bugbear warriors emerged from the shadows of a nearby alleyway. “Failin, you cheat us!” growled the leader, pulling back an arrow on his bow as his two companions raised their mourning stars and battleaxes in threatening poses. “Damn, the Tuv Brothers!” Failin said in warning. Then he vanished.

Although one of the slower witted bugbears seemed ready to let the group go, the eldest brother ordered the trio to attack in hopes of taking the group’s items. A viscous fight ensued, but the adventures managed to knock two of the trio unconscious, while convincing the third to surrender. Although the party did not kill the bugbears, they did take all of their items. Failin rejoined the group, revealing he had teleported into nearby alley where he was attempting to use a wand of magic missiles to attack the bugbears from afar. When asked what the bugbears meant by being cheated, Failin explained, “They wanted to ‘explore’ some ruins in the Mournland and paid me to take them there. I took them. Explained my three-day rule to them. Four times, actually. When they didn’t even send the dumb one out on the third day, I assumed they were dead. They ended up walking back to Darguun and have been making my life hell ever since.” Failin kicked the leader a few times before the party departed the scene.

Before leaving Rhukaan Drall, the party allowed Failin to lead them to a group of orc and shifter druids that had established a grove on the outskirts of the goblinoid capital. Failin explained the druids were the best source to purchase special supplies for journeys into Cyre, as normal healing potions and divine magic was unreliable after entering the Mournland. Like the churches of old before House Jorasco established the modern healing business, the Orc Druids of Rhukaan Drall seem to have taken up selling magical services and trinkets to sustain their stay in the city. Since most druid magic works normally in the Mournland, their business does very well among adventurers.

The party learned the druids were originally from the Shadow Marches. They came to Darguun after the Treaty of Thronehold to teach the druidic ways that was once one of the magical forms practiced in the Empire of Dhakaan thousands of years ago. With his interest in rebuilding the former glory of his people, High Warlord Haruuc was only too thrilled to have them in his capital city.

While perusing their items, the party was introduced to Orvik, the leader of Rhukaan Drall’s druids. Seeing the items the party was purchasing (goodberry wine, Brooch of Hunting Undead, Escape Rope), he politely expressed his interest in hearing the adventurers’ reason for entering the Mournlands.

He explained he and a number of his fellow druids were studying the Mournlands in an attempt to determine what could be done to heal the land. While the party was not willing to discuss too many details of Elaydren’s mission, Ecliptus did tell Orvik of his and Siege’s previous experiences in the Mournlands on the actual Day of Mourning. Orvik spent almost a full hour listening to Ecplitus’ tale and asked detailed questions. In thanks for his sharing the information, Orvik healed hurt party members and explained his grove is willing to cast reincarnation to any fallen party members if ever they have need of it.

With their supplies purchased, Failin led the party to his elemental-powered land cart to head out of Rhukaan Drall late in the afternoon. He explained the journey to Rose Quarry would take about three and a half days, and they would have to pass through parts of Darguun where some goblinoid chieftains encouraged their tribe to prey on lone travelers. He asked that the Nameless Rogue sit in front of the cart with him to offer a second set of eyes and operate his crossbow while he drove. With the Nameless Rogue being a halfling and he being a tall human, he explained they both could sit more comfortably than anyone else in the group.

The Nameless Rogue seemed okay with this arrangement, although on the evening of the second night, she seemed to be oddly quiet with a look of bewilderment on her face after a strange conversation with Failin during the day’s travel. She didn’t share what the conversation entailed, but every now and then she would look at Az or Ferriel and say, “I don’t understand. My hair has always been this color… I think?”

Arriving at Rose Quarry as twilight descended on the evening of their eighth day out of Sharn, the adventurers found themselves atop a high hill looking down upon the abandoned mining town. The quarry itself stretched out for at least a mile, while the crumbling village lay on the plateau next to it. Anything made of wood had been burned to cinders, while the blackened stonewalls and chimneys of the town’s homes and businesses lay on the land like the charred skeletal remains of an enormous creature. Though the weather was warm, the village seemed to be covered by a layer of ice that glittered in the rising moonlight. As if the scene was not ominous enough, the wall of dead-gray mist that marked the nearby boundary of the Mournland rose up in the distance just a few miles from the town.

Further study revealed the deserted village was not so deserted.

In the southern portion of the town, the glow from a large fire pit illuminated four large tents and a number of figures moving about a campsite. With sixteen horses and two covered wagons, it was clear the visitors were likely an expedition and not just a passing caravan. Drawing closer, the adventurers were able to make out some of the figures standing on the edge of the campsite were skeleton warriors, while others were humans garbed in helmets and chainmail of a quality most caravan guards in this part of Khorvaire likely could not afford. Every now and then the wind carried a strange tink, tink, tink, sound from the northern end of the town.

Deciding it better to be cautious than curious, the adventurers formed a plan to sneak into Rose Quarry and make there way towards the Cannith refinery at the town’s center. Supposedly, there they would find clues leading to the location of Whitehearth. Meanwhile, Failin would spend most of the night circling around the hilly countryside to bring his land cart to the other side of Rose Quarry’s plateau to retrieve the party by the morning.

Waiting until most at the campsite bedded down for the night, the adventurers began their stealthy entrance. The party discovered what they first took as ice from a distance was actually a thick layer of glass that appears to have been poured over the entire village while still in a molten state. The glass was not perfectly smooth, and proved to be a precarious surface to travel over. If one was not fully focused on walking, it was easy to slip and fall.

Occasionally, the forms of burned dwarves – the former residents of the mining town – could be seen buried under the glass, their expressions twisted in fear and agony. Every now and then, sections of broken glass could be found near ruins with signs that indicated someone was searching for something.

All seemed to be going well for the adventurers until they noticed a horrible screeching sound of scraping glass moving toward them. A pair of dwarf zombies had discovered them. Molten glass covered the zombies like a second layer of skin, seeming to offer them both armor and the ability to move over the glass ruins with ease. The zombies took one look at the adventurers and charged.

Fighting the zombies and keeping one’s balance on the slippery glass-covered ground proved a hazardous balancing act. Several times in the fight, an adventurer found himself or herself lying upon the ground after swinging a weapon. Sorrell found using her warmage spells equally dangerous, as most of her destructive magic flared brilliant flashes in the darkness that could reveal the party’s presence. Az also discovered her storm magic proved equally perilous to use as the noise from the roaring winds she commanded could also draw attention. Fortunately, the party had all purchased a Brooch of Hunting Undead from the druids and found their weapons were now incredibly effective for hurting the zombies.

After facing two more pairs of molten-glass dwarf zombies, the adventures found themselves near the ruined church that sat across from the Cannith Refinery. In the graveyard outside the church, three dwarf zombies ignored the adventurers to pick away at glass-encased graves. The zombie’s pickaxes seemed to be the source of the strange tink, tink, tink noise heard when the party first arrived. Bypassing those zombies to enter the back of the church, they found more broken glass in signs of someone was searching for something. Sorrell also found a magical chalice adorned with decorations that indicated it was dedicated to the Sovereign Host Goddess Olladra. She sensed the chalice was clearly magical of the divine nature and would need a cleric dedicated to the Sovereign Host to invoke its powers, but could not otherwise tell what those specific powers could do. Sorrell determined she would ask Failin about it when they met again, him being a relics dealer.

Making their way to the church’s front entrance, the adventurers carefully peered across at the Cannith Refinery. As they were about to cross over, they saw a soldier from the campsite and a skeleton warrior start patrolling the village. Waiting until he was out of site, the adventurers rushed across the road. As they were about to pull open the doors of the refinery, the Nameless Rogue and Ferriel heard voices coming from inside. The party made ready for battle and rushed in, discovering a pair of molten-glass dwarf zombies and two soldiers working to clear broken glass from a large map of Khorvaire in the center of a large room. The soldiers wore armor and helmets decorated with markings identifying them as members of the Emerald Claw. One even carried a magical shield embossed with the green claw-like emblem of the order. It was clear those searching the village were part of the Emerald Claw.

A grand battle ensued, but the adventurers made short work of the enemy.

Studying the map of Khorvaire, they found it quite detailed with cities, topographical features, and even major mining operations. However the only identifying text was the labels for the Five Nations of Aundair, Cyre, Karranath, Thrane, and Breland, each defined by pre-Last War boundaries. Searching the room for clues as to how to use the map to find Whitehearth, the adventurers stumbled across engravings on the statues that lined the room next to three large fireplaces. On the back of a red dragon statue was written, “Whitehearth, White Seal, NE, 9.” Siege determined that if a medium sized creature were to take the number of steps each statue indicated, in the direction the statue indicated from the seal in front of each fireplace, an adventurer would find himself or herself standing directly over a marked location on the map.

After noting the exact location of Whitehearth, the adventurers quickly made their way around the room, determining the locations of all the secret Cannith facilities. Sorrell then suggested it might be best if the party destroy the heads of each statue to thwart the Emerald Claw’s efforts. After using acid spells and chemicals to remove all trace of the clues, the party made ready to leave. Quietly opening the door of the refinery, the party began easing their way outside to head towards the northern edge of the village for Failin to retrieve them.

Stepping out into the night, a tall, emaciated man, wearing a beautiful hooded robe of black silk slid out from the shadows to block their advance. His skin was deathly white. A long scar ran across one side of his face, beginning at the corner of a red gleaming eye reaching past his pointed ears. He smiled, flashing white fangs. “What have we here?” he hissed. “No doubt some hapless adventurers hired by the remains of House Cannith to find Whitehearth for them? From the looks of those statues, it would seem you found the clues we couldn’t. Do be good adventurers and share the location of Whitehearth with dear Brother Garrow. The Emerald Claw would be so in your debt. We might just let you live.”

The adventurers refused the vampire’s offer and made ready to attack. However, before they could Brother Garrow transformed himself to his vampire’s gasous form, summoning his minions to his side with a booming voice that was magically amplified to fill the air. “To me my warriors, while I feast upon the intruders’ blood!” Seeing the Emerald Claw campsite erupt in activity as warriors awoke to the alarm, and hearing the scraping sound of many dwarf zombies shuffling towards them, the adventurers turned to flee. Fortunately, Failin also heard the alarm from his hiding spot on the northern outskirts of the town. He rushed his land cart into Rose Quarry to retrieve the adventurers. The Emerald Claw soldiers gave chase, but the land cart’s constant speed slowly outdistanced the soldiers and their tiring horses after four hours of pursuit. When the adventurers were certain they were no longer being followed, they shared with Failin the location of Whitehearth inside the Mournland. Failin turned his land cart towards the wall of Gray Mist in the distance.

Up Next: “Into the Mournlands…”

Important Information Learned, Rumors Heard, Job Leads from this game:
  • Visit the Orc Druids of Rhukaan Drall before entering the Mournland. Since most druid magic works normally in the Mournland, like the churches of old before House Jorasco, the Orc Druids sell magical services and items most adventurers find useful.
  • Orvik, the leader of the druid grove in Rhukaan Drall seems particularly interested in learning about adventurers’ experiences in the Mournland. His order is collecting the info in an attempt to learn what can be done to heal the desecrated land. Perhaps this could lead to future jobs or favors?
  • In addition to Whitehearth, there seems to be five other secret Cannith facilities scattered across Khorvaire: Tallis located in the Talenta Plains, Cabblen Hall located in Breland in or very near Sharn, Blackhearth located in the mountainous border region of Karnnath and the Mohr Holds, Kronu Hall in Cyre possibly near the ruins that has come to be known as “The Glowing Chasm,” and Redhearth in central Aundair.
  • The Emerald Claw has an interest in also finding Whitehearth. Do they search for the same schema Lady E. wishes recovered? Or do they seek some sinister magical item they hope to employee in their missions of terror?
Lady Elaydren's dramatic offer (game 2 recap, part B)
First it was crazed warforged sent by the Lord of Blades. Now, a necromancer from the Emerald Claw. Anybody else want us dead?

The following events occured in the world of Eberron between Zor, the 12th of Therendor and Sul, the 15th of Therendor (Real world equivalent of Thursday, March 12 and Sunday, March 15, Early Spring)

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrell – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met with:
  • Lady Elaydren d’Cannith – Female dragonmarked human aristocrat/sorcerer, represents House Cannith West (based in Fairhaven, Aundair) in their business dealings with House Cannith South (based in Sharn, Breland).

As Ecliptus, Az and Sorrell made their daily trek to the House Sivis message station in Barmin Tower to check for a message from Lady E., they quickly found the normally tidy shop in shambles and the Sivis gnome that ran the station knocked unconscious. Healing the clerk, they learned that a message had just arrived for them from Elaydren, when a mysterious-cloaked figure and a band of kobolds charged into her shop. They demanded any messages that had been sent for the party. When the gnome refused to hand over the message, they attacked, taking the message, and leaving her for dead. Searching the scene, the adventurers found signs collaborating the gnome’s story, as well as a rain-soaked footprint that indicated the cloaked figure was likely a warforged.

Stepping outside to summon the aid of the City Watch, a giant owl messenger swooped down to drop a scroll case at Ecliptus’ feet. Inside was a message from Lady Elaydren begging the adventurers to meet her as quickly as possible at the Broken Anvil Tavern in the Lower Dura section of Sharn. After ensuring the City Watch was helping the Sivis gnome, the adventurers collected the remainder of their party and headed to the lower sections of the city.

Upon arriving at the tavern, the party found only one patron sitting a table at the far end of the room. Her worn brown cloak, disheveled hair, and the dirt that covered her face made her hard to recognize, but the party soon realized it was Lady Elaydren. Gone was her expensive glamerweave garment and powerful bodyguard from their last encounter. The House Cannith heir visibly seemed to relax a held breath when she recognized the adventurers. Before anyone could ask a single question, Elaydren lurched toward the group with a leather backpack. “There is no time to explain. Instructions, gold, and supplies are in this pack. Take it and go. The letter in the left hand pocket explains everything, but you must go now! Trust me. If you can accomplish this task, the reward will be vast.”

Suddenly, the door to the street burst open. Six kobolds that looked strangely like goblins at first (sorry, had to; Ray, thanks again for the lending of your arts and crafts skills, bonus of 50 XP for the assist), charged into the tavern to surround the adventures. Two cloaked figures, one a medium sized creature and the other a small sized creature, stepped through the doorway. The tall figure lunched a crossbow bolt at Elaydren, and then tossed back his hood to reveal himself as a warforged fighter. “Give Saber the schema, Cannith witch!” He demanded.

“Yeah, give Saber the schema wit-,” the smaller cloaked figure began, pulling back his own hood to reveal himself as Swift, the warforged rogue the party thought it had dispatched in their previous adventure. “Oh crap! Not you guys again!” Swift screamed, then turned and ran out the doorway to hurl himself over the railing of the tower skybridge outside, presumably in an escape attempt similar to that used after his first encounter with the party.

Although outnumbered, the adventurers prevailed against the remaining foes, killing Saber and all but one kobold. Interrogating the creature, the adventurers learned the kobolds had been little more than mercenaries Saber had hired and intimidated into fighting to the death for him. Although Siege’s massive foot pressing down onto the kobold’s chest was impressively motivational in getting the him to talk, unfortunately, he knew little information the party couldn’t guess for themselves. Saber was an agent of the Lord of Blades. The Lord of Blades still seemed to be pursuing the schema. The Lord of Blades wouldn’t mind if the adventurers ended up dead. Despite’s Siege’s desire to see how many stomps it would takes to get to the center of a kobold, the party turned him over to the city watch.

Elaydren, harmed but alive, gave her thanks to the adventurers. She had no time for questions, explaining that she had left detailed instructions inside the pack she handed over to them. She had to keep moving in order to stay ahead of the Lord of Blades’ agents, and what she suspected was a new as-of-yet-unidentified group that was hunting the ancient Cannith schemas. She grabbed a fallen kobold’s weapon and left the tavern.

Opening the backpack, the party discovered it was a magical Heward’s Handy haversack that contained a number of adventurer goodies. Reading Elaydren’s note, the party learned she needed them to retrieve another schema that was last seen in a secret Cannith research facility called Whitehearth before Cyre was destroyed in the Day of Mourning. Much to the dismay of Ecliptus and Siege, Elaydren needed the adventurers to travel into the Mournland, find the secret workshop, and recover the second schema.

Her note admitted her suspicions that members of House Cannith were seeking this schema for evil purposes. She doesn’t know whom to trust, and the adventurers are her only hope. Fortunately, most of her House believed the closely guarded secret of Whitehearth’s location was lost when the Cannith patriarch died in Cyre. Her own research revealed that the ruined House Cannith outpost of Rose Quarry on the border of Darguun and Cyre was where records of all of Cannith’s hidden workshops, including Whitehearth, were kept. The party is instructed to travel to Rhukaan Draal, capital of Darguun, to find a human man named Failin, who could provide them with transport to Rose Quarry. After learning the location of Whitehearth, they would then need to travel into the ruins of Cyre, recover the schema (this one described as being an adamantine plate in the shape of a diamond), and then return to Rhukaan Drall where Elaydren would meet them after throwing off the pursuit of her enemies. Elaydren provided the party with both a letter of credit to secure transport with House Lyrander (airships and sea galleons) or House Orien (lightening rails and elemental land cart caravans).

The party learned no airships would be leaving Sharn bound for Rhukaan Drall for at least another month, but a Lyrander galleon was set to sail for there the next morning, with a travel time that would get them there in four days. An Orien lightening rail would take them three days travel to Sterngate. From there they could join a caravan that would bring them to the goblin capital in another 12-13 days.

Deciding speed would be their best oprtion – especially since it meant the faster they got into the Mournland, the faster they could get back out – the party elected to take passage on the Lyrander galleon. Az offered to use the connections her Lyrander dragonmark would get her to forgo using the letter of credit to pay for their travel. However, she explained how doing this meant playing her father’s game of house politics, something she had little desire of doing. Listening to her past and reason for leaving her house (brother died tragically at the hands of an airship pirate, her father tried marrying her off in a political power play to another Lyrander family) the party decided that while they had the resources to pay their travel expenses, there was no need to force Az into having to reveal herself as a Lyrander heir (everyone gets 50 XP for that).

After purchasing a few last minute supplies, the party boarded the galleon and headed for Rhukaan Drall. The trip seemed smooth and uneventful until the evening of the third night. The ship had made its way well into Kraken Bay, which Ecliptus commented on how ominous he always found that name to be, and the party was just about to retire for the night when Az heard a strange scratching sound against the hull of the ship. Climbing out onto the main deck to investigate, a hoard of skeleton warriors and their necromancer master leapt over the ship’s railing to attack. The battle was fierce, culminating with Sorrell climbing atop the galleon’s stern to fight the necromancer standing at the bow in a wizard’s duel that launched deadly and destructive magic mere feet above the heads of the other adventures who found themselves bashing away at the skeletal warriors that outnumbered them. When it was finally over, the adventurers searched through the dark wizards possessions, finding a number of treasurers Sorrell found useful and a set of orders that gave detailed descriptions of the party with instructions for the necromancer to stop them from reaching Rhukaan Drall. The orders were unsigned, but the symbol on the final page was easy to identify. It would seem The Order of the Emerald Claw was now after the adventurers.

That sewer job for the local chronicle (game 2 recap, part A)
"I am NOT getting in that water!"

The following events occured in the world of Eberron between Far, the 6th of Therendor and Zor, the 12th of Therendor (Real world equivalent of Friday, March 6 and Thursday, March 12, Early Spring)

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrell – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met with:
  • Winifred Bookbinder – male goblin expert, assistant to Haftak ir’Clarn and Editor-in-Chief of Sharn Inquisitive
  • Lokar Van – male shifter expert, Sharn Sewer & Water Works Foreman, assigns monster bounties for clearing sewer sections.
  • Haftak ir’Clarn – Male human aristocrat/expert, publisher of Sharn Inquisitive.

After successfully concluding their previous adventure in the ruins under Sharn for Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, the adventures accepted a job from Haftak ir’Clarn, publisher of the Sharn Inquisitive. Haftak had been scooped by the Korranberg Chronicle, his Zilargo-based rival chronicle, on a story about a mysterious tentacle-monster attacking a group of sewer workers in Sharn. Haftak offered the party 1,500 gold to make there way inside the sewers and discover what the creature was for a front-page story he wanted to run in the next issue of the Inquisitive. At dawn, the party met with Winifred Bookbinder for further instructions and a map to the sewer valve cluster the monster was contained inside. Winifred explained that Haftak couldn’t get any of his reporters past the guards posted at the valve cluster entrance. They were all turned away being told it was too dangerous. Haftak figured adventurers would either have the skills needed to get the guards to admit them inside the dangerous area or bypass the guards all together. Either way, Haftak needed the information by midnight the next night if he was to publish the story on the front page of the next Inquisitive.

Winifred stressed that Haftak didn’t want the guards to come to any harm, nor did he want the adventurers to feel they should risk their lives. Haftak only needed the party to capture an image of the creature using a dragonshard that had a special scrying spell inside. However, Winifred also said if the party felt they could handle the monster, Haftak was known to pay a bonus of at least 500 gold for images of adventurers battling strange creatures. Such pictures sold a lot of papers.

When asked how they could get past the guards legally, Winifred suggested the adventurers try meeting with Lokar Van of the Sharn Sewer & Water Works. Part of Lokar’s duties involved issuing bounties on monsters roaming the sewers. If anyone could issue orders for the guards to allow the party inside, it would be Lokar.

Ecliptus, Siege, and the Nameless Rogue decided to visit the Sewer & Water Works office in the Cogs while Az and Sorrell were sent shopping for additional adventuring supplies. Arriving at the Sewer & Water Works, the adventurers discovered they weren’t the only ones out for the monster bounty. Ferriel, a half-drow fighter that made a living off of monster bounties, was trying to persuade Lokar, an aged and portly shifter, to grant her access to the valve cluster. Lokar made it clear that because he wasn’t sure what the monster was, he was hesitant to allow anyone inside after it killed one of his workers and placed another in a House Jorasco hospital. Lokar final agreed to issue orders allowing the party inside the sewer section after Ecliptus convinced him of the party’s capabilities and Ferriel agreed to work with a party of adventurers in pursuing this tentacle monster. Soon after, the party reformed and headed into the sewers.

Following Winifred’s map and the directions of Ferriel, the party quickly found themselves at the entrance to valve cluster F-128. As Ecliptus approached the guards posted there, the Nameless Rogue noticed the markings on the guards armor indicated they were members of the Sharn Royal Guardsman, not the City Watch garrison of the Cogs District. The guards showed a degree of contempt until presented with Lokar’s orders to allow them inside. As the Royal Guardsmen closed the door behind the adventurers, Az and the Nameless Rouge caught one commenting to the other, “Gorp is going to be pissed about this.”

As the adventurers made their way down the stairs, they found a familiar and unwelcome scene: 12 sewer valves, randomly activating to expel a blast of sewerage. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, the adventurers also quickly found the mysterious tentacle monster: a large and hungry otyugh emerged from the murky waters. Siege charged down the sewer tunnel to meet the creature head on, blocking it from advancing toward the rest of the party and giving them the room to attack from a distance. Ferriel and Ecliptus moved in to join Siege, while Az pummeled it with arrows, and Sorrell blasted away with her wand. The Nameless Rogue bravely stood in harm’s way, concentrating on focusing the scrying dragonshard to capture the images of the battle. When the fight was over, Siege cut off the dead otyugh’s tentacles for proof to bring Lokar. However, Ecliptus had to stop the angered warforged from throwing one of the tentacles at the condescending royal guardsman in charge of the guard detail.

First returning to the Sewer & Water Works office, the party collected their 500 gold reward from Lokar, who was so impressed by the party’s dispatching of the otyugh, he told them to regularly check in with him for monster bounties. The Works post at least one bounty every month (25% chance for two bounties). The standard bounty depends on the size of the monster and whether or not it has attacked anyone (Large monsters are worth 150/500 gold per monster, Medium monsters are worth 75/250 gold per monster, Small & Tiny monsters are worth 25/100. When a bounty is offered, the party can elect to automatically succeed on clearing the monster to collect the gold reward, but forfeit any XP from actually fighting the encounter).

Questioning Lokar, the party confirmed the Nameless Rogue’s suspicion that a detail of Sharn Royal Guardsmen protected the valve cluster. Lokar explained the City Watch garrison over the Cogs District was notoriously understaffed. When a small detail of the Royal Guardsmen offered to take over the protection duty, the Cogs’ Watch captain was all too happy to turn over the responsibility. As to why they made that offer, Lokar wasn’t sure, nor did he have the time to dig into it. The Royal Guards were keeping unauthorized people out of the sewer section while keeping the monster inside. That was good enough for Lokar. As for the name Gorp, Lokar wasn’t sure who it could be, but he said the name sounded orc-like to him.

Continuing on their way to the surface, the party arrived at Haftak’s Book & Binding in the University District, where a very pleased Haftak ir’Clarn paid the party the 1,500 gold coins he originally promised, and another 700 gold coins for the graphic battle pictures the Nameless Rogue captured. The party had made their deadline with a day to spare giving Haftak more than enough time to write a story that was better than what appearing in his rival publication, the Chronicle.

Telling Haftak of the events surrounding their encounter, the newspaper publisher said he too found it strange Royal Guards ‘voluntarily’ took over the guard duty in the sewers. He explained that Sharn only came under attack once during entirety of the Last War, and even if the war were to begin anew tomorrow, it would be highly unlikely that Sharn would be greatly threatened. That tended to keep the contingent of Breland’s Royal Guard stationed in Sharn relatively small. It was used primarily as a ceremonial force, most often with duties in the upper sections of the city, where the elite resides. However, Dura (the collection of the lower, poorer districts of Sharn) is an unstable region that the Royal Guard is often mobilized by the City Council to support the understaffed Watch in these poorer districts. Haftak admitted that while it wasn’t uncommon for Royal Guards to step into any duties the City Watch was too busy to handle – even ones that placed them inside the sewers – such events usually required orders to get them there. When a group “volunteers” for such a guard duty, it was a clear hint more was going on here.

As for the identity of Gorp, Haftak said it was a common first name among ogre males, not orcs as Lokar had suggested. A strange look crossed Haftak’s face after saying this. He seemed about to say more, but then stopped saying he would have to check into a few things. However, if the adventurers learn anything more about the mysterious Gorp and his connection with the Sharn Royal Guard, Haftak asked they bring the information to him. It could make for another interesting story he’d be willing to pay for.

Before the party left, Haftak also told them to visit him from time to time, especially before heading out on more adventures. He’s always willing to pay for a good story. At that, Ecliptus asked for and received another scrying dragonshard to take a picture if the group came across anything worth publishing.

The next morning, a package arrived for the adventurers at the inn they currently called home. The innkeeper brought it up to their rooms, saying a halfling man delivered it. The package, a small wooden cask, contained 60 platinum coins and a wand of cure light wounds (50 charges) crafted by House Jorasco (Dragonmark of Healing that appears only on halflings). An unsigned note inside the cask simply read, “Your efforts have greatly pleased us.”

Efforts to identify who sent the mysterious package were unsuccessful. The party was told the same information by the halflings working at three different Jorasco House of Healing shops: the wand was a commonly crafted magical item sold at any Jorasco business, making it close to impossible to say exactly which of their healing houses located in almost all of Sharn’s 96 city districts the particularly cure light wand now in the party’s possession had originally came from. Each healing house sold at least two or three of such wands every month. Trying to find the halfling that delivered the cask proved equally as futile, as there were at least six halfling men between the three shops the party visited that matched the innkeeper’s description. After the Sharn Inquisitive published the story about the otyugh problem in the sewers, the adventurers also received a note from a member in both of the adventurer guilds operating in Sharn (the Clifftop Guild and the Deathsgate Guild – names reflect the Sharn city district the guild hall is located in). Both expressed their being impressed with the party’s accomplishment and offered to be one of the five-needed sponsorships for the party to join their respective guild.

In trying to find leads on more work, Eclpitus and Siege heard rumors concerning an illegal fighting ring operating in Firelight, one of Sharn’s main red-light districts, where an adventurer skilled in combat could make a quick pile of gold. Called The Burning Ring, it is not a specific location in Firelight. It moves frequently as the City Watch keeps trying to shut it down, but it seems to find a place to operate every night, be it in a hidden back room of a tavern or a back alley set far off the beaten path of the honest City Watch patrols. The Burning Ring offers bloodsport, gladiator-style combat conducted by amateur and professional warriors. (DM rolled a gather information check that produced the following information) The combat is real, the combatants use a variety of weapons but wear no armor, and there is a healer on hand for every fight. Combatants are paid a portion of the bets based on their performance and are allowed to accept tips from the crowd. It’s not uncommon for a particularly successful fighter to walk away with 1,000 gold coins after a single night spent in the ring, but even the poorest performer will walk away with 100 gold coins.

Meanwhile, Sorrell received an invitation from Sgt. Dolom to meet for breakfast (dinner for him, as he gets off duty at dawn) later in the week. The two spent most of the meal catching up, and Dolom said he was impressed with the Inquisitive’s account of the group’s handling of the otyugh. He offered to speak to friends in either adventurer guilds to sponsor the party’s admittance if they were interested. He told Sorrell he was certain he could get at least one member in either guild to offer their sponsorship. (With this offer, the group now has two of the five needed sponsorships to join either guild).

When Sorrel told Dolom about the party’s recent adventure on behalf of Haftak, Dolom had much to say. “It’s no surprise the Cogs City Watch let the Royal Guards take over like that. Not only are they the most understaffed district, but they also tend to get the misfits or dimwits no other watch commander wants. Of course, giving the Royal Guard any kind of responsibility is something my district captain would never dream of doing.”

Sorrell had to press Dolom as to explain why. He looked from side to side, checking to make certain none of the other patrons were listening before he spoke again, in a voice considerably low for a dwarf. “Because while they might technically be Royal Guard, they’re also the most corrupt branch of law enforcement in Sharn, and that takes a lot. By Olladra, it would surprise me to learn only half of the crummy bastards were on the Boromar Clan’s payroll.”

Dolom explained that the Boromar Clan is the most powerful of Sharn’s four big criminal organizations. They started out as a humble gang of halfling smugglers and thieves. Now, most of the fences and thieves in the city either work directly for the Boromars or pay tribute to them. They have a stranglehold on the smuggling trade, own most of the city’s gambling halls, and control a network of extortion and blackmail that reaches from the slums all the way to Skyway. Sorrell then asked if Dolom knew of any ogres named Gorp with connections to the Sharn Royal Guard. “No, but, by Olladra, that’s strange. The Royal Guards having any connection to an ogre is about the last thing I would imagine, being on account of their ‘relationship’ with the Boromars considering the halflings’ relationship with… well, let’s just say that while I’m not sure who this ‘Gorp’ is, if he is an ogre, I’m staring to get a hunch as to whom he works for. Let me do some checking before I say anything more, though. I don’t want to cause you and your friends any needless worry if I’m wrong about my hunch.”

Unfortunately, before Dolom could get back to Sorrell, the adventurers received word, more than somewhat dramatically, that Lady Elaydren d’Cannith was in need of their services once more.

The Forgotten Forge (game 1 recap)

The following events occured in the world of Eberron between Wir, the 4th of Therendor – Far, the 6th of Therendor (Real world equivalent of Wednesday, March 4 – Friday, March 6, Early Spring)

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrell – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
NPCs Met:
  • Sgt. Varic Dolom – Male Dwarf fighter, with the night shift of the City Watch, University District
  • Lady Elaydren d’Cannith – Female dragonmarked human artificer/aristocrat, represents House Cannith West in business dealings in Sharn and with House Cannith South.
  • Skakan – Male goblin expert, with Dorasharn Tower’s Rats Market
  • Haftak ir’Clarn – Male human aristocrat/expert, publisher of Sharn Inqusitive

No sooner had the adventurers introduced themselves to each other and sat down to trade war stories (literally for some), a woman ran into the Tavern screaming that there was a dead body lying on the tower bridge outside. Maybe it was the drinking mixed in with talk of starting life as an adventurer, but all the PCs ran out into the stormy night to investigate. Sure enough, just a few yards from the tavern’s door lay a dead man.

Upon inspecting the body, the adventurers found the man’s identification papers. In life, he had been Bonal Geldem, Provost of Morgrave University and head of the school’s Pre-Galifar studies. Bonal clutched a small book, but as the Nameless Rogue reached for it, two warforged climbed from under the tower bridge and attacked.

Based on some of the things the warforged barbarian, Cutter, called out to Siege, the adventures were left with the impression that they had encountered agents of the Lord of Blades. The party killed Cutter and forced the warforged rogue, Swift, to flee the battle in a rather dramatic fashion: he leapt over the side of the bridge. Lt. Ecliptus watched as the warforged rogue fell, only to slow in his descent as he neared a tower level far below the PCs.

Turning their attention back to poor Bonal, the Nameless Rogue (calling herself Olly) discovered the small book was filled with blank pages. However, the cover had a strange hammer and anvil symbol Az recognized as being similar one used by House Cannith from around the time of the War of the Mark (roughly 1,000 years ago). Just then the whistles of the City Watch began to fill the air as the rain slackened enough for people to start venturing outside.

Sgt. Dolom, the dwarf fighter heading up the Sharn city watch contingent that had come to investigate the incident, questioned the adventurers extensively about the attack. However, he was quick to let the party go when witnesses collaborated their story. The party was left with the impression that while Dolom likes to see justice served in the City of Towers, he tends to accept things at face value in a “what you see is what you get” sort of way. Based on the PCs’ tale, he also came to the conclusion that the warforged were agents of the Lord of Blades. While he applauded the party’s attempt to help a fallen citizen, he reminded them that Sharn is a dangerous place and asked they try contacting the City Watch before trying to keep the streets safe on their own.

Sorrell also recognized Sgt. Dolom as being the kindly City Watchman who helped after her aunt and uncle was murdered, although he was older and now sported a beard. His aid helped her forgo spending her remaining teenage years in a Sharn orphanage by early enlisting in the army to become a Brelish warmage.

When the adventurers were finally allowed to leave, a cloaked figure approached them, showed them his House Cannith signet ring, and asked if they would be willing to meet with his patron to discuss a possible job that had arisen with the death of Bonal Geldem. The PCs agreed and were asked to come to the Broken Anvil Tavern at dawn. The adventurers departed, agreeing to stay together at the same hostile for the night.

Upon arriving at the Broken Anvil, the party was introduced to Lady Elaydren d’Cannith, Sharn representative of Cannith West. When the Day of Mourning destroyed Cyre, it also destroyed the main house enclave – think corporate headquarters where CEO & board not only work but live – causing House Cannith to fracture into three power groups: Cannith South based in Sharn, Breland; Cannith West based in Fairhaven, Aundair; and Cannith East in Korth, Karrnath. Publicly, the three heads of each branch are working together to rebuild Cannith under a shared power agreement. However, common rumors persist each head is actively seeking ways to usurp the other two in order to be named the clear head of House Cannith.

Elaydren explained she had been working with Bonal Geldem to quietly retrieve an heirloom from an ancient Cannith forgehold that had been located in the pre-Galifar ruins that sit under Sharn. She explained the heirloom was a creation schema used by Cannith artificers around the time of the War of the Mark to create magical items, but was lost when Dorasharn (the ruined city that modern Sharn was built over) was razed. Baroness Jorlanna d’Cannith, head of Cannith West in Aundair was highly interest in finding and studying this schema before Cannith South could locate it for their research. Elaydren offered the party 1,500 gold to retrieve the schema for her, giving an advance of 100 gold coins for the adventures to purchase supplies. In Elaydren’s hands, the small book Bonal had been carrying at his death filled with text. The book was a journal of a Cannith artificer that had worked in the forgehold, studying the creation schema more than 1,000 years ago. Using the book, Elaydren was able to determine the forgehold was located behind a sewer valve cluster marked E-217 somewhere 57-stories below Dorasharn Tower. She provided the party with a map that could get the party to this portion of the city sewers, but it couldn’t get them to the exact valve cluster. She said Bonnal had a contact in the Rats Market that setup shop in the portion of the sewers under Dorasharn Tower he was certain would know the very valve cluster the journal referenced.

After a quick shopping trip and three hours of searching, the party found Skakan, a goblin merchant in the Rats Market that often guided Bonal through the ruins found in this area of the sewers for a hefty bag of silver coins. While Lt. Ecliptus negotiated the terms for Skakan to guide the party through the sewers, the Nameless Rogue – now calling herself Puppy – noticed a shifter among the crowd carefully studying the party. When she brought this to the attention of her fellow adventurers, he had disappeared into the crowd. Skakan packed up his stall and took the adventurers to the valve cluster the Cannith Journal referenced. Before departing, the goblin warned the party to be careful, a group of not the nicest warforged and shifters had been moving around this area of the sewers the last couple of weeks.

Although heeding Skakan’s warning, the party was still ambushed by Swift, the warforged rogue they had encountered the evening before, and a band of four feral shifters. Swift demanded the PCs hand over the Cannith journal and attacked when they refused. The battle quickly became brutal, and it didn’t help that the room was lined with active sewer valve cluster that would discharge a blast of sewerage into the room every six seconds. In searching the scoundrels’ bodies, the Nameless Rouge discovered a panic button and Sorrell found a partially charged wand of magic missiles.

Continuing on their way, the party opened the door to the Cannith Forgehold by using the old journal. Once inside, the adventurers encountered a number of vermin that had made the old ruins home. When a swarm of hungry beetles attacked the party, Az used her dragonmarked powers to slam the swarm into a wall, killing nearly half of the creepy-crawlies, while Ecliptus quickly ended the threat of the remaining bugs by flinging a flask of alchemist fire into them. A trio of horrid rats also met their end under the twirling double blades of Ecliptus, the might hammer of Siege, and blasting missiles of Sorrell’s new wand.

Upon finding the ruins of an old chapel devoted to Onatar (Sovereign Host God of Artificers), the adventures decided to rest for the night. Sorrell had determined the protective symbols that decorated the chapel’s interior would prevent any vermin from entering. Az found an old spring inside the chapel had developed healing properties. Unfortunately, Ecliptus determined that water taken from the well would only retain its healing properties for little more than a single day.

Waking refreshed and healed, the party made their way to the Cannith Foundry. While the Namless Rogue (now calling herself Squeaks) worked on opening the lock to the foundry’s main entrance and Siege stood protectively over her, Az, Sorrell, and Ecliptus searched for another way inside. They found a large hole atop the foundry’s ceiling right just as NLR got the door unlocked. Az and Sorrell decided to climb atop the foundry to provide support from above while NLR, Ecliptus, and Siege went inside through the doorway. Upon opening the door, a pair of Iron Defenders sprang to life and fought another hard battle. A careful search of the room located a number of weapons and armor and a vault that contained treasure, as well as the schema and an old map with ancient House Cannith symbols markings.

Upon leaving the foundry, a massive warforged fighter named Saber stopped the adventurers demanding the schema for their lives. The party refused and Saber attacked, but the party proved too much for him. Unfortunately, when Saber fell, a final messenger shot from his chest to speed away, no doubt to inform yet more agents of the Lord of Blades of what had transpired.

The party returned to the surface, sending word to Lady Elaydren to meet them at the Broken Anvil that evening. The party got cleaned up from their trek through the sewers, sold off their unwanted loot, and made their way to the Anvil for dinner. Elaydren awarded them the 1,500 gold as promised and paid another 500 gold for the map Sorrell presented to her. When asked what the map was, she explained it likely would be more work for the party after further study. She told the PCs to periodically check in with the local House Sivis Message Station to receive word of her next job offer. She indicated House Cannith was very pleased with the PCs and that a new job would be coming their way soon.

After Elaydren departed, the party couldn’t help but overhear the angry comments of another diner sitting at a nearby table. That diner turned out to be Haftak ir’Clarn, publisher of the Sharn Inquisitive, the Sharn-based newspaper. His anger was aimed at being scooped by the Korranberg Chronicle, his Zilargo-based rival newspaper. The Chronicle had published a story about a mysterious tentacle-monster attacking a sewer worker in Sharn. Haftak felt his paper should have wrote about the mysterious monster, and now he can’t even get a reporter down into that part of the sewers to even find out exactly what kind of creature it was to write up a follow up story. All the adjacent tunnels leading to the sewer valve cluster were sealed to non-emergency personnel and are currently under guard.

Haftak offered the party 1,500 gold to journey to the sewer valve cluster under Dorasharn Tower where the monster was last seen and discover exactly what it was so he could write a story that would one up the Chronicle. The party agreed and was instructed to visit Haftak’s Books and Binding, the Inquisitive’s main office, in the University District at dawn to receive a map leading to valve cluster F-128. It’s up to the PCs to find a way past the guards, but Haftak made it clear he would pay nothing if the city guards befell any harm that could be blamed on the adventurers he had hired (i.e. the PCs attempt to kill or attack the guards).

Reading the Korranberg Chronicle story, Siege pointed out that Lokar Van, the Sharn Sewer & Water Works foreman in charge of valve cluster F-128, was offering the standard SS&W reward for clearing the tunnel of the monstrous creature. Terms for collecting the standard reward on dangerous creatures that have killed (500 gold/monster) require the monstrous creature be killed with proof furnished to the Sewer & Water Works main office in the Cogs. Removing the creature alive by a wizard or sorcerer seeking it for magical use can claim a lesser reward (200 gold/monster), but will require a special license from the Blackened Book (the magical branch of Sharn law enforcement).

Murder on the rain slicked tower walkways of Sharn (Game Opening)

The following events occured in the world of Eberron on Wir, the 4th of Therendor (Real world equivalent of Wednesday, the 4th of March, Early Spring)

“Sharn, the City of Towers, the jewel of old Galifar — Our glorious metropolis is known by many names, and its legend stretches across the globe. Every day thousands of people pass through Sharn. Merchants from distant lands offer Sarlonan silks, Zil elixirs, dragon turtle meat from the Sea of Rage, and other fantastic goods. Brelish farmers stream down the Old Road bearing the harvest; Sharn has many mouths to feed, and the edge of the Dagger is barren and hard. Ambassadors rub shoulders with aristocrats, and dragonmark heirs trade tales with sages and bold explorers. There is a place for everyone in the city of Sharn, and adventure lies around every corner.”

Or at least that’s what it says at the top of all the welcome scrolls the Sharn Tourist Bureau hands out at every entrance to the city. While the City of Towers stretching a mile above your head is every bit as impressive as the bureau suggests it would be, tourism isn’t why you’re here.

You’ve never had it in you to take up the life of a farmer. Just the thought of all the paperwork that comes along with being a merchant – import/export certifications, shipping manifests, insurance documentation – makes your stomach turn sour. There’s money in those public works programs to rebuild all of the bridges and roads destroyed in the Last War, but that’s the sort of work your back could do without. No, the life of an adventurer sounds just right for you, and there’s no better place on all of Khorvaire to start one’s life as an adventurer than Sharn.

They say fortunes are easily made in Sharn for someone with your skills. Of course, whoever “they” are, they also say fortunes are easily squandered here. With the Last War finally over, it seems you might get a chance to see if they are right. That’s why you’re here and you’re eager to set out and find your first job as an adventurer.

You’d be doing so right now too, if it weren’t for the damn rain coming down in buckets outside. So, instead of finding the first of many jobs you’re certain will one day lead you to all your dreams being fulfilled, you’re sitting in a tavern with a nice, relaxing drink to pass the time until the rain passes overhead.

The other patrons are a mixed lot, but it only takes you a few moments to find other adventurers among them. Like a magnet drawing together metal, you seem to gravitate towards each other. You make it a point to introduce yourself and learn their names over polite, small conversation. No sooner had you all found a table to sit down to and really begin to get to know each other than the front door bursts open with someone screaming about there being a dead body lying just outside the tavern on the tower walkway.

From the fuss that breaks out across the room, you can tell a dead body must not be an everyday thing in this district of Sharn. Several people start calling for the city watch. A woman looking out the doorway screams. The dwarf sitting one table over – probably a banker from the way he’s dressed – actually faints. A few university students rush to the door; the laughing idiots seem eager to get their first look at a dead body. The tavern owner starts howling for everyone to remain calm, between swears over how he didn’t think he needed to hire a bouncer for a place in this district.

Maybe it was the drink from your mug or maybe it was all of that eagerness to get your life started as an adventurer, either way, you find yourself standing and moving toward the door. It wasn’t until you stepped out into the rain that you realized your new acquaintances are right there next to you, also looking for this dead body.


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