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Escape from Whitehearth (game 5 recap, part A)

Anyone else see that?

The following events occurred on the world of Eberron between Sar, the 21st of Therendor and Wir, the 25th of Therendor (Real world equivalent of Saturday, March 21 and Wednesday, March 25. Early Spring )

Note: This is the first part of a three-part recap of a game session. The the second part can be found by clicking here, while the third part can be found here.

Primary Job: Lady Elaydren d’Cannith hired the adventures to locate the ruins of Whitehearth to retrieve a schema that was being researched by House Cannith Artificers in Cyre during the Day of Mourning.

Side Jobs: None

List of items taken by PCs this game: Loot List 5

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrel – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met With:
  • Failin – male dragonmarked human expert/rogue, hired guide in Darguun and the Mournland.
  • Rorsa – the awakened, dire wolf pack leader of Whitehearth’s wolves.
  • Brother Garrow – Male elf vampire necromancer. Leader of the Emerald Claw party encamped at Rose Quarry.
  • Lady Elaydren d’Cannith – Female dragonmarked human aristocrat/sorcerer, represents House Cannith West (based in Fairhaven, Aundair) in their business dealings with House Cannith South (based in Sharn, Breland).

Previous important events of current adventure:

After saving Lady Elaydren d’Cannith from agents of the Lord of Blades, the Blue Dragon adventurers accepted her latest job offer to retrieve a schema from Whitehearth, a secret House Cannith research facility hidden somewhere in the Mournland. The job first brought the adventurers to the goblinoid nation of Darguun, where they hired a guide by the name of Failin (formerly of House Orien) and discovered Whitehearth’s location in the now abandoned mining town of Rose Quarry. However, while in Rose Quarry, they discovered that the Order of the Emerald Claw was also searching for Whitehearth. The Blue Dragons traveled through the twisted remains of the Cyre, battling dangerous undead and magically mutated creatures before finally coming to the lost research facility. Here the party found many wondrous discoveries, such as several Artificer’s Creation Journals worth a fortune and Rorsa, the awakened dire wolf who made the ruins of Whitehearth her pack’s home. However, the adventurers quickly that Whitehearth was also filled with dangers twisted by the Day of Mourning, such as a golem stone wolf and, as we last left our adventurers, an undead shadow.

Recap of events from the last game:

“Well, Sorrel, what do you make of all the magic items in this room?” Ecliptus asked.

The half-gnome sat at one of the research lab’s many worktables, carefully studying the Artificer’s Creation Journal and magic item prototypes the adventurers had found. As a warmage, Sorrel was the Blue Dragons’ defacto magic expert even though her focus of study had been on the destructive magic best suited for the battlefield. A study, as she often pointed out to Lt. Ecliptus, that lasted a little less than a year of training she received upon enlisting in Breland’s army, not the years of mastery most wizards spent learning all the facets of the arcane.

The elf’s reply to this admission had always been the same: well, give it your best; I’m sure you’ll at least be able to tell us how to use the thing without blowing a hand off.

“From what I’ve read in these journals,” Sorrel began, pausing to look up at Ecliptus, “the Bridge of Petals and Lantern of Hidden Light were being developed for Breland’s Dark Lanterns. The Cloak of Weaponary and the Snapleaf was created for the Royal Eyes of Aundair. The Climbing Cloak and the Greater Boots of Striding and Springing were being crafted for Cyre’s Queen’s Forward Blades.” Sorrel snapped closed the journal she had been reading and let a grin spread across her face. “This room is filled with House Cannith’s spy toys for the Five Nation’s different espionage services.”

“Which means they’re probably worth a lot of money?” Ferriel asked cheerfully, as she tried on a pair of gloves one of the journals had identified as Gloves of the Spirit Blade.

“Which means they’re worth a lot of mo…” Sorrel began only to stop midway. She shook her head and rubbed at her eyes. “Sorry, this place is starting to get to me. I thought that dead artificer’s shadow was moving. Getting back to your question, the Last War might be over but these prototypes and their creation journals could fetch us a small fortune with the right buyers. Of course, we’ll also get some good use out of them.”

“Great news,” Ecliptus said, “but there’s still no sign of the schema Lady Elaydren sent us here to find. I’m all for making small fortunes, as long as we remember we have a job to do too.”

“Yep,” Siege agreed as he came to table, “keeping paying clients happy is the best way to keep making small fort… um…I think I just saw the dead guy’s shadow move too.”

The remaining Blue Dragons turned to look toward where the warforged pointed just as the dead Cannith artificer’s shadow began to shimmer and shake. It stood from the floor, the wisp of shadow appearing vaguely humanoid in outline and writhed with unholy life. It charged forward in attack. Az, moving with lightening reflexes, pulled her sword and slashed at where the creature’s head was. On a normal man, the head would have been taken clear from the body. The adventurers’ watched in horror as the fighter’s sword passed through the creature like it was made of air.

“Ferriel!” Sorrel called. “Those gloves you’re wearing. Imagine you’re holding a pair of short swords. It might be the only way to kill that thing before it can turn one of us into another shadow!”

Doing as she was told, the half-Drow was surprised to see two short swords made of smoky glass solidify in her hands. Twirling the blades, Ferriel leapt over a workbench to slash into the shadow. The creature reeled back in horrible pain and dissolved with a sucking pop.

Everyone turned to look at Sorrel. “Shadows are incorporeal undead,” she explained. “They kind of exist on both the material, or as it’s sometimes called, the corporeal plane, and another plane, usually the shadow plane or plane of the dead. That duel existence in both worlds means normal weapons don’t always work against such incorporeal creatures. Those gloves Ferriel is wearing, however, can actually pull magical energies from the astral planes and bend them together to form weapons made of pure force, which is basically an energy that also exists on two planes. That means it can hurt incorporeal creatures.”

“Do you know what I heard when you decided to get all technical with the magical explanation?” Ferriel said. “I heard, ‘blah, blah, blah, my new gloves make weapons that can hurt ghosts real. Did I understand that right?’”

“Well… yeah, you understood.” When Sorrel stopped to think about it, her year of training did happen to include her spending an awful lot of her off time in arcane libraries reading whatever she felt like. She might not be able to cast all of the forms of magic a wizard could, but she sure did have a lot of magical theory crammed inside her head.

“Right then,” Ecliptus began, “we’ve still got more of this place to search and I don’t want to spend any more time here than we have to. Let’s pack up any of the magic items that Sorrel is reasonably confident are working prototypes and only worry about grabbing those item’s creation journals. While I’m sure we could find buyers interested in the items that were still in their earlier phases of research, it would probably take us days to look through all of the stuff just in this lab. Oh, and Siege and/or Ferriel, before either one of you ask, no we just can’t take it all with us.”

“You people made of flesh, you’re just so weak,” the warforged said with his imitation of a laugh. “No stamina or strength of metal.”

“Yes, but remember, if a rust monster ate my armor, it would just be eating my armor. If a rust monster ate your armor, he’d be chewing on an arm or a leg.”

“You promised we would never speak of that incident again.”

“Now then, Rorsa, how much of Whitehearth is left to expl…” Ecliptus words died as he turned to find the Nameless Rouge riding on their dire-wolf companion. The elf closed his eyes and began to slowly rub at his forehead.

“What?” The Rogue asked with chipper.

“I know I’m going to regret asking, but, Rogue, why are you riding the dire wolf?”

“She’s fluffy!” The halfling replied in a way that suggested she believed Ecliptus should have already known the answer to such a silly question.

“Kind of makes her look like a goblin raider,” Siege offered.

“Not helping,” Ecliptus said.

“At least she’s at eye level. Now, I don’t have to worry about stepping on her.”

“Still not helping, sergeant, still not helping.”

After the party gathered the items Sorrel gave the all right to, the Blue Dragons made their way back to the second rotator room.

“There is only one more room to explore in this area,” Rorsa said. “After that, I can take you to the third rotator room, but I’ve never had any of the colored keys to make that room move before.”

“If House Cannith limited who had access to that side of this facility, I’m willing to bet that’s where they kept their most important research,” Az offered, thinking of her own experiences as a dragonmarked heir of House Lyrandar. “If the schema really is here, it’s probably in one of those rooms.”

“Point taken,” Ecliptus said, carefully considering Az’s information, “but there is only one room left to check off of this rotator room. Let’s see what we’ll find. Never heard of it hurting someone to be thorough.”

Inserting the yellow keycharm to rotate the entrance to the final room of this rotator room, the Blue Dragons found themselves facing a brightly lit corridor. Moving down the hallway, they entered a room where a swirling globe of rainbow colors sat in the center of the room. Stepping inside, the adventurers found themselves in an unnatural silence. All sound seemed to be absorbed in the room; they couldn’t even hear their own words as they attempted to speak.

As they moved deeper into the room, the globe of swirling colors suddenly lurched toward them in an attack. Sorrel, realizing the party faced another living spell, frantically began waving her arms and mouthing the words “color” and “spray” in warning. Seeing the party was preoccupied with fending off the attack, she finally gave up and pulled out her wands in an attempt to attack the spell with her own magic. The battle was fierce, but the Blue Dragons triumphed over the living color spray spell.

The adventurers found another door at the end of the room. Still in silence, they opened it to find a small room with a strange looking device inside. It was a tall pole, with large globes of light attached at various points. Az stepped inside first, wondering if her guess about the schema’s location being on the other side of Whitehearth was wrong.

Upon entering the room, Az suddenly found herself standing in a large chamber. Two raging bonfires she recognized as fire elementals flittered around the room while a strange vehicle with what appeared to be metal hydra heads sat lifeless at one end of the chamber. Az could see the vehicle was broken; its heavy damage included a shattered elemental binding ring. Waves of heat poured off the machine from a glowing liquid that bubbled over the machine to form a molten pool off to one side.

Attached to the shattered machine was a crystal chest. Inside, Az could just make out the distinct form of the schema the party was searching for. A flash of light brought Az back to the room with the tall pole of glowing lights.

“That was strange,” Az said, realizing she could hear her own voice again. Turning around she saw her fellow adventurers were about to walk through the doorway. “Hey, come quick, we can talk in here.”

“Is the schema in here? Did you fi…” Sorrel began to ask, only to find she too was transported to the chamber Az had just visited, having a similar experience.

“Okay, that is definitely some sort of scrying device.” Sorrel said after coming back to her real surroundings. “However, I just tried using it to look at that church we visited in Rose Quary, and it didn’t get past the Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum spell cast around this place. I think House Cannith used it to monitor things inside Whitehearth, either for security reasons or to keep track of the progress of their artificers without stopping them in their work.

“So you’re saying when you thought about the schema, it presented a vision of,” Ecliptus began, only to find himself scrying a vision of the larger chamber, “So you’re saying when you thought about the thing Lady Elaydren told us to find, it presented a vision of a room that is inside Whitehearth?”

“Yep, probably somewhere past the third rotator room.” Sorrel confirmed.

“Imagine that,” Az said, as she crossed her arms and smiled.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I should have listened to the House Heir,” Ecliptus said. “Let’s double back before Lady Azidra starts issuing commands to us like we were bunch of her sailors.”

“For calling me a lady, I most certainly would have you swabbing my deck for a month.”

“Oh, I’d bet the lieutenant would love to swab… oh, never mind. That one’s too easy even me,” Siege said. “Rorsa, lead the way to the third rotator room, if you please.”

The Blue Dragons followed the dire wolf through the maze of Whitehearth’s twisting corridors to arrive at the third rotator room. As Ecliptus was about to place a purple keycharm into the room’s control panel, the Nameless Rouge saw something that made her heart almost stop.

“Stop!” The Rouge called, sliding from Rorsa’s back to inspect the control pedestal. “Look, on the side of that control panel. A thin copper wire leads down into the ground. The other two rotator rooms never had anything like that.”

“So, what’re you saying?”

“It’s a trap!”

“Can you disarm it?”

“I’ll try,” the Rogue said. She gently touched the wire, testing it for any sort of charge running through it. Sensing none, she ran her fingers down the length of it. After that, the halfling slowly walked around the console. Finally, she shrugged, pulled a dagger from her vest and cut straight through the wire in one smooth motion. “There, it’s all better now.” She slid the dagger back into its hiding place among her clothes. “Probably.”

Ecliptus placed the purple keycharm into the console and released a held breath as the now familiar rotation began moving the room. The rotation settled on a corridor that led to another research lab. The Blue Dragons didn’t have to open any of the creation journals to figure you what House Cannith was developing here. Atop the worktables were various weapons, armor, and even a number of warforged components – some strange an unusual.

“Jackpot!” Siege walked over to a worktable to inspect some of the components. He picked up what looked like a battlefist made entirely of crystal. “Wait a minute. What the hell is this made of?”

While Siege inspected the warforged components, the other party members had gathered around the bodies of the three artificers that had died in this lab on the Day of Mourning. Only two of them were human. The third was a female of a humanoid race none of the adventurers have ever before encountered.

She was about the same height as an elf, but her body was much more gaunt and long of limb, almost skeletal in appearance. Her skin was rough and yellow, while her dead eyes were a gleaming black. Like an elf, her ears had sharp points, but were serrated at the back. Her clothing was very elaborate, and her armor was decorated with strange feathers, beads, and precious metals and gems. An empty greatsword scabbard was at her waist. A very elaborately decorated scabbard, as if it held a weapon gifted to the warrior by royalty.

Seeing the empty scabbard triggered a memory in Sorrel “By the Host, a githyanki!”

“A gith-what now?”

“A githyanki. I read about them years ago in a book entitled Races of the Planes. They were originally from what’s now a long forgotten world, destroyed by the daelkyr before the demons of madness ever came to Eberron. The daelkyr gifted the race as slaves to their illithids generals, and the mind flayers used them as frontline soldiers and servants. That is until the daelkyr’s attempted invasion of Eberron. There was this legendary warrior queen named Gith who lead the race in a rebellion. They broke free, but few survived the uprising. Those that did supposedly retreated to the Astral voids while other members of the race that now call themselves the Githzeri fled to Kythri, the plane of chaos. A very small number ever come to the prime material plane in Eberron. Those that do are usually found in Sarlona.”

“Sarlona?” Az spoke up, considering her knowledge of Eberron’s many continents. “That land is filled with psionics.”

“The githyanki wield major psionic powers, and this one looks like she might be an artificer. I wonder what she was doing in a House Cannith research facility,” Sorrel paused to consider this. “Siege, bring me that crystal battlefist and the creation journal that accompanies it.” The half-gnome carefully studied both items. “This is made from deep crystal. It’s hard as steel, but can allow a warforged to channel psionic powers through his attacks.”

“Can’t be. I’ve never heard of any psionic warforged before,” Siege replied. “They would have had to be forged that way and I came out of the Creation Forge in Sharn. I’ve seen every form of warforged Cannith makes.”

Sorrel began examining some of the other warforged components in the room. “Look at these. There’s three other components designed for what I guess we’d have to call a psiforged. A normal warforged could use some of them, but I’m telling you, these creation journals say a warforged would have some psionic powers to get the full benefit out of them. There’s even one that only works for a warforged with psionic powers.”

“You think this githyanki was here to help House Cannith create these psiforged?” Ecliptus asked.

“No,” Sorrel said, looking up at the lieutenant with a look of seriousness. “I think this githyanki was here to help create components for the psiforged House Cannith had already created. I mean, why build warforged components for a type of warforged that doesn’t exist yet?”

“But we’ve never seen or heard of anything like that ever being used on a battlefield. House Cannith isn’t exactly known for holding back on a product that could make them money.”

“Maybe they were elite units. Maybe they were only prototypes and Cannith didn’t get a chance to mass-produce them before the war ended and the creation forges were outlawed. Maybe the creation forge at Cannith’s primary enclave in Metrol was the only place that built them and it was destroyed along with Cyre on the Day of Mourning. There could be a hundred reasons we’ve never heard of them before. But that’s not what really has me worried.”

“All right, what’s worrying you?”

“Where’s the githyanki’s sword? Her scabbard is empty, and the githyanki carry these powerful silver swords gifted to them by their queen. The swords are considered holy objects. If what I’ve read about them is to be believed, she would have never parted with it while alive. It’s clear she died on the Day of Mourning, so I suspect someone else has been to Whitehearth before us. Someone who at the least took her sword.”

“Rorsa, are you sure no one else has been down here before us?” Ecliptus asked.

“You are the first humans I’ve seen since my other humans died so long ago,” the dire wolf said. “I’m not sure if I remember that strange human you call a githyanki, but I’ve never been to this part of the den before. However, if someone had come down here from the way you came, I would have noticed them.”

“Wonderful news,” Ecliptus ran a hand through his hair. “All right folks, I’m really beginning to want to get out of here and it’s only our second day. Same as the last lab grab anything Sorrel says is working and worth taking and then we’ll continue searching for the big chamber going to be on our way. I want to be out of here before the third day.”

“Lieutenant, do you think we should send someone up to check in with Failin?”

“Not yet, sergeant. I don’t think there’s much more to Whitehearth, but if it looks like we’ll have to spend another night here, I’ll go spea… did that pile of rocks just move?”

The adventurers turned to discover an earth mephit had been trapped under a research table watching them. When they noticed it, the mephit sucked in a gulp of air and spewed a tornado of rock towards the Blue Dragons. The adventurers dove into action, quickly making short work of the creature. After fidning no sign of the schema, the adventurers collected what they could from the weapons research lab and headed back to the rotator room.

“We’ve got red, yellow, and orange left. Anyone have a preference? No, then red it is.” Siege placed the red keycharm, turned the key and nothing happened.

“The room’s not moving.”

“I think I heard a click”

“I just tried it five times. It’s not doing anything. I’m going to try the green to see if it will move us back to the first rotator room.” The rotator room began moving again. “Okay, so we can get out of here.”

“Try the purple again.”

Siege compiled, and the Blue Dragons found the rotator room moved the entrance to the weapons research lab again.

“Try the red again.”

“Still nothing.”

“Maybe it’s broken. Try the orange or yellow one.”

Siege placed the orange keycharm in the panel and the rotator room started moving. When it stopped, the Blue Dragons found themselves staring down a long corridor. At the far end was a pair of large adamantine doors bearing a giant seal of House Cannith. Waves of heat rippled off the doors like an oven door.

“I think we’ve found the chamber with the fire elementals,” Az said.

“Think if we’re polite and ask real nicely they’ll let us take the schema and leave?” The Nameless Rogue asked.

“Have you ever dealt with a fire elemental that has broken free from a binding ring before, Little One?” Az asked as she sheathed her sword and took her bow from her back. At the halfling’s shake of her head, Az continued, “Well I have.” Az pulled an arrow from her new elemental quiver and nocked it to her bowstring. She began walking down the corridor.

“Rorsa, we appreciate all the help you’ve been to us this far, but I’m a little worried about what those fire elementals could do to you,” Ecliptus said. “It might be best if you stay here.”

“If that is how you feel, human, I will do as you wish. If you desire my help, you need only call.”

Opening the door, the adventurers found themselves in the chamber the scrying room had shown to Az, Sorrel, and Ecliptus. The two fire elementals twirled through the large room, flying above the shattered eldritch machine. As the trio had described, the crystal chest containing the schema was attached to the machine.

The elementals gave the adventurers moment’s glance before they reached raised their fiery hands and sent a stream of flame toward the Blue Dragons. Az dove under the first bought of fire, to come up into a crouch that allowed her to release an ice-charged arrow towards one of the creatures. Sorrel, created an orb of ice in her hand and hurled it toward the same elemental. Ecliptus and Siege charged forward to focus a joint attack on them other elemental, Ecliptus’ new boots brought him bounding toward the creature in a blinding speed. Ferriel and the Nameless Rogue circled to flank the creatures. Although a few of the adventurers were set ablaze, the elementals were no match of the combined might of the Blue Dragon’s determination and ice magic.

“Look at this machine,” Az said. “That looks like molten glass pouring up from the a chamber that seems to magically create it. I think the hydra heads must have ‘breathed’ it out like a dragon’s breath weapon.”

“God, that must have been a horrible way to die,” Ferriel said, her face twisting in disgust. “You don’t think that abandoned mining town we came through to get here was attacked by this thing?”

“Rose Quarry was covered in molten glass,” Ecliptus said. “This machine breathed molten glass as an offensive weapon. That’s just the sort of coincidence I’d make sure began a report I’d give a general after coming in from a reconnaissance mission behind the enemy’s front lines.”

“Yeah, and that’s just the sort of report that got us turned right back around to be sent back out in the field to either destroy or capture the machine,” Siege said.

“Right then,” Ferriel said, shaking off her discomfort, “Let’s take a look at what else is inside that chest.”

“It’s locked,” Siege said as he raised his battleaxe above his head. “Guess I’ll have to use my big key.”


“Yes, lieutenant?”

“We did happen to bring a rogue along with us. There’ll be no need for smashing.”

“I kinda like the smashing part.”

“Sorry, but no. Rogue, if you please.”

“No problem,” The Nameless Rouge said as she pulled a small velvet purse from a hiding place inside her cloak. Opening the purse, she pulled out several tiny tools she inserted inside the lock. In seconds, the lock clicked open. “Let’s see what kind of goodies we’ve got in here. Oh look, a couple of potions and a scroll that could’ve given us resistance to fire – that would have been helpful a few minutes ago. Here’s the diamond-shaped schema Lady E wanted, and there’s what looks like a duplicate copy. Oh, and what’s this big disk?” The halfling held up a large disk made of adamantine covered in runes and symbols engraved in mithral. The disk also had four sockets in it.


“Hmm, looks like it could be the creation pattern Lady Elaydren had mentioned in her note to us. Look at those sockets. There’s one that looks like it would be a perfect fit for the schema in the chest and another that could take the crescent moon shaped one we found in that old Cannith forgehold under Sharn. I’d say we have what we were sent here for.”

“Best news I’ve heard all day,” Ecliptus said. “Time to pack up and leave.”

Although the adventurers found a control panel in the chamber that seem to be able to open and close the roof, they decided to rejoin Rorsa and double back through Whitehearth to leave by the same way they had entered the facility.

“Rorsa, if you want to leave this place, it might take us a while, but I’m sure we can get you and your pack up through this way.”

“No, this is our den now. There is plenty of food and plenty of water. My pack has lived off of the bounty our den has provided us for years. I worry they would not know how to hunt if they returned to the surface. You have removed all of the dangers we faced here. No, we will stay here.”

“But, but…” The Nameless Rogue eyes glistened and her lower lip twitched as she wrapped her arms around the dire wolf’s thick neck. “My Rorsa.”

“No little one. This is our den. We must stay. It will be okay. Often will I think of your belly rubs.”

“If you choose to stay, then here,” Ecliptus pulled every color of keycharms the party had found and attached them to Rorsa’s color, “take these so you can move about. I’ll admit to feeling better about leaving this place behind knowing you’ll be here as its guardian. In fact, I’m hoping you’d be willing to keep anyone else out of here unless we sent them. Is there any signal or token I could give them to let you know it would be all right for them to enter?”

Rorsa sat back and stared thoughtfully at the elf for a moment. “Do you have a glove I can have?”

“Sure, but how will that help?”

“All you humans look the same to me. If someone ever comes here saying you sent them, if you give them a glove or shirt you’ve worn, I can compare the smell to this glove to know that you told them they could come here.”

After that, the Blue Dragons made their departure from Whitehearth. Climbing back to the surface, the adventurers made their way through the tunnel, coming out of the faux mining cave entrance. However, upon stepping out of the cave, the group found themselves surrounded by a group of Emerald Claw agents: six soldiers, four skeletons, and a female necromancer.

“Well done adventurers!” the disembodied gravely voice easily recognized as belonging to Brother Garrow called from the surrounding mist. “I applaud you for your efforts at finding Whitehearth. As you can see, it is futile to fight us. Give me the third schema, and I will let you live. Oppose us, and I will take it from your corpses, and then raise your bodies to serve me.”

“What do we do now?” The Nameless Rogue asked. “Should we try to run back down the cave and try to get back inside Whitehearth?”

“That necromancer looks like a wizard, not a cleric,” Sorrel said. “I don’t like the thought of what a fireball could do to us being so tightly packed inside this cave.”

“I’ve lived through something similar,” Siege said.

“This is nothing like Cairn Hill,” Ecliptus said. “If we could be confident their mage doesn’t have any heavy hitting spells, I’d say backing down this cave would be perfect for forcing them to come at us two at a time instead of surrounding us on three sides. I’m not willing to risk it.”

“He only asked for the schema,” Az said. “He probably doesn’t know anything about the creation pattern. We could always toss him the copy we found and try bluffing our way out of here.”

“I grew up in Cliffside,” Ferriel said. “I can smell it a mile away when someone’s planning a double cross. Trust me, his plan is to take the schema and kill us no matter the order.”

“Adventurers? My patience is not without end. I wish to know your answer.”

“So, we’re going to fight our way out?” Siege asked.

“We’re going to fight our way out,” Ecliptus said. “Go for the mage first in case we have to withdraw to the cave.”

“Go for the mage first? Yeah, this is exactly like Cairn Hill.” Siege pulled the massive battleaxe from his back. “You’re just trying to block out the memory. It’s not like you were on fire all that long of a time.”

“Well,” Az pulled her sword from its scabbard, “I did want to see what my new sword was capable of doing.”

The adventurers surged forward. Az struck out with her new blade, receiving strength with each strike she made against a foe. Ecliptus twirled Talen Kara, the magic weapon glowed with light as the elf seemed to dance with death. Siege rushed forward like a batting ram to bring down the female necromancer with one mighty swipe of his axe, the spell she had been preparing dying on her lips. Sorrel pulled a wand of burning hands and sent tiny fireballs into one entire side of the enemy encirclement with devastating effect. Ferriel, using her gloves, twisted her short shorts into maces and back again as she struck back and fourth at an Emerald Claw solider or an undead skeleton. The Nameless Rouge, used her height and chains to trip unsuspecting enemies and then quickly pounced on them with a dagger to their throat. The fight was long and vicious, but the Blue Dragons found themselves victorious.

“Show yourself, Garrow,” Az shouted to the sky. “You want to take this schema from us? Come out and take it yourself, you piece of Karrnathi swine.”

“Az, he was in his gaseous form. The vampire’s probably gone by now,” Ecliptus said. “We need to check on Failin and make sure he’s still all right. Look, his land cart is over there, but I see no sign of him.”

“I’m right here,” Failin called, as a rope tumbled down from the air above his land cart. Moments later, the former House Orien heir climbed down from his extra-dimensional hiding space. “I’ve been hiding since you all went down into those ruins. I’m sorry I couldn’t warn you about those soldiers. When I awoke yesterday they were already here waiting for you all to come back out.”

“You know what, I don’t care,” Ecliptus said, climbing into Failin’s land cart. “Just get us the hell out of the Mournland.”

“Yep,” Siege said as he climbed into the back of the land cart, “that’s pretty much how you felt after Cairn Hill too.”

With that, the adventures started back on the four-day journey back to Rhukaan Draal, not stopping once while still in the Mournland. Arrivng back in the goblinoid city, the adventurers paused once to recount what they could with Orvik, the leader of Rhukaan Drall’s druids, of their time inside the Mournland. The druid was quite pleased with the information they shared, gave them 200 gold and healed any party member still nursing wounds. The Blue Dragons also heard word that Lady Elaydren was waiting for them back at the Clenched Fist in the Bloody Market district of the city. The party made their way over to the rundown tavern.

“Failin, I have to say we’re quite pleased with your services,” Siege said as he handed their guide the remainder of his payment. “Although, I have to tell you we’d appreciate it if you forgot you ever took us anywhere before. There’s more than a few extra coins in that bag to help you forget about where we went.”

“Where did we go? Who are you people? Never seen you a day in my life before.”


“Discreation comes with the job, my boy, but in all seriousness, if you ever need a guide out this way again, drop by the Fist and send word you have need of me. I rather enjoy customers who don’t try to kill me.”

After saying their goodbyes, the Blue Dragons made their way inside the tavern where they were greated by an expectent Lady Elaydren. Seeing the House Cannith heir’s questioning look, Ecliptus pulled both the diamond-shapped schema and disk creation pattern from his backpack. “I might not be the best waiter, but I believe the Lady had placed a special order.”

“May Olladra bless all your days. You recovered both the schema and the creation pattern. I had no idea the pattern was even at Whitehearth. You have the thanks of House Cannith West for all of your service.” Elaydren pulled a hefty bag of coins and sat it down at the table before the party.

“Yeah, about that,” Siege said, as he dug into his own backpack and pulled out an artificer’s creation journal. He sat it down before the Cannith heir “We have more than a few somethings you can be thankful to us for.”

Note: This is the first part of a three-part recap of a game session. The the second part can be found by clicking here, while the third part can be found here.

Up Next: “Let me try to make a deal, Part B of Game 5 Recap

Important Information Learned, Rumors Heard, Job Leads from this game:
  • Among the dead artificers at Whitehearth was the body of a githyanki woman. Her presence has created a couple of mysteries: 1.) it was clear she was their helping House Cannith develop warforged componets for psiforge, but none of the adventurers haver ever heard of the existence of such warforges; 2.) her silver sword was missing, indicating someone had been to Whitehearth prior to the adventurers.
  • The Order of the Emerald Claw was interested in finding Whitehearth for the same schema Lady E. wished recovered. From the creation pattern the adventurers found, there seems to be four schemas that work together for a as of yet unknown purpose. [[:Brother Garrow | Brother Garrow]], leader of the Emerlad Claw agents that attacked the party had told the adventurers to hand over the “third” schema, seeming to indicate he may have or know something about two other pieces.



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