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Let me try to make a deal (part B of game 5 recap)

As I was saying...

Note: This is the second part of a three-part recap of a game session. The first part can be found by clicking here and should be read prior to reading this part.

The following events occurred on the world of Eberron between Wir, the 25th of Therendor and Sul, the 1st of Eyre (Real world equivalent of Wednesday, March 25 and Sunday, April 1. Season: mid-spring. Note that every month on Eberron is only 28 days long)

Primary Job: None

Side Jobs: “Wonders of Whitehearth” – sell off the Artificer’s Creation Journals found at Whitehearth.

List of items taken by PCs this game: Loot List 5

Dramatis Persona:
  • Lt. Ecliptus – Male elf fighter played by Ray
  • Siege – Male Persona warforged fighter played by Mike
  • The Nameless Rogue – Female halfling rogue played by Bridget
  • Sorrel – Female half-gnome warmage played by Amanda
  • Az – Female dragonmarked half-elf fighter played by Jeanette
  • Ferriel – Female half-drow fighter played by Katie
NPCs of Importance Met With:

Previous important events of current adventure:

Lady Elaydren d’Cannith hired the Blue Dragon adventurers to retrieve a schema from Whitehearth, a secret House Cannith research facility hidden somewhere in the Mournland. In the course of successfully completing this job, the adventurers discovered a number of Artificer’s Creation Journals and magic item prototypes that could be worth a fortune not just to House Cannith, but to any artificer with the resources to produce these items on a mass scale.

Recap of events from the last game:

Lady Elaydren d’Cannith took up the Artificer’s Creation Journal Siege had sat down before here. She began flipping through the pages carefully studying every detail the notes provided. A look of astonishment grew on her face with every page she turned. Finally, she closed the book and looked up at the expectant adventurers.

“This creation journal details the process for creating a washbasin that cleans dirty linens placed in the same room it is held in. I happen to know that was an item the artificers at Whitehearth were attempting to create. Am I to believe you found this journal there?”

“Yes, my Lady,” Siege said. “We found a number of such journals, and for the right pri…”

“How many more?”

“We can get into that in a minute. Right now we’d like to know what these are worth to…”

“How many of these journals did you find?” Lady Elaydren cut the warforged’s words off again, her voice growing more frantic with worry. Her eyes grew wide as she realized for the first time the adventurers openly carried items they had claimed at Whitehearth. “That armor is made with improved blueshine,” she pointed to Az, “and that armor has redshine on it, does it not?” She pointed to Ecliptus. “You’re rogue’s wearing a Thief’s Cowl, and those gloves Ferriel wears, they form weapons out of force. Did you take any of the warforged components?”

“Um… well… you see, we were hoping to… uh… maybe, but we can get into that after we’ve negotia…”

Elaydren raised her hand and waved it at the stammering warforged. “Shambala,” she whispered, causing her dragonmark to glow for a moment as power went out of her towards Siege.

The warforged jerked upright in his chair, becoming as ridged as a stone statue. The Red Dragon’s Head Warforged Component rose out of his shoulder and the Essence Node of Blinding Warforged Component popped out of his chest. He then began speaking. “Warforged Cannith Identification#: ADM4327, Self Identification: Siege. Purchased by: Breland Army for use in Ranger’s Dozen Corps. Performance level currently running at 98.4%, within optimal parameters.” At the end of this statement, Siege could move again. “I hate it when you people do shit like that.”

“It’s the only way to make some of you sit down for repairs. That component in your shoulder, I’ve never seen or heard of something like it before.”

“It’s called a Red Dragon’s Head. It can throw around a few scorching rays.”

“Is that all you took? Should I assume you have the creation journals on all of these items? I must know before we discuss this any further.”

“Sorrel, show her all the books,” Siege said, with his imitation of a sigh. “Might be the only way she’ll let me start finishing sentences.”

The half gnome began reaching inside her cloak and pulling out the journals. Lady Elaydren’s eyes seemed to grow wider as her face grew paler with each book Sorrel placed on the table. “Eighteen, and nineteen makes all of them.”

“In the holy names of all the Host,” Elaydren whispered. “Do you know what these are? They’re the creation journals of Whitehearth’s artificers,” she continued without giving anyone time to give the same answer. “Do you realize the sort of trouble these will cause me?”

“Um… trouble?” Siege asked.

“If I take them from you, these are all the proof Baron Merrix and Baron Zorlan would need to know Cannith West not only attempted to send a party to Whitehearth, but found it. They both have access to the same records as Baroness Jorlanna. They will suspect Cannith West was after the creation schema being researched there and demand the Baroness share the schema with Cannith South and Cannith East.”

“So what you’re saying is you don’t want to buy them?”

“I’m not saying that at all. The problem I have now is that these journals are far too valuable to let go. House Cannith is not what it was during the Last War. With the loss of our primary enclave in the destruction of Cyre and the banning of the creation forges under the Treaty of Thronehold, we must find new items and magic to create. That’s why finding these schemas have become so important. However, being in control of the designs in those journals also offers an incredible economic opportunity to restore my house. The question is how do I arrange it so that Cannith West can publicly take ownership of these journals without causing the other Cannith Patriarchs to suspect West has the Whitehearth schema as well?”

“All right then, take some time and then tell us what’s the best way you’d like for this to be handled,” Siege said. “Just know that we know these journals are worth a lot of coin and that we know that you know that these journals are worth a lot of coin.”

“You’ve certainly given me a lot to think about,” Elaydren said. “However, I do have one final request. If you accompany me back to Sharn, I will see to it that you receive 1,000 gold after we arrive safely. I must get the schema and creation pattern there without the Emerald Claw attempting to take it from me. I will, of course, also pay for your transportation.”

“We’ve got no problems being bodyguards,” Ecliptus said. “However, while you’re thinking about these journals, you should also be thinking about something else. We found signs that we haven’t been the only recent visitors to Whitehearth.”

“Oh yeah, Sorrel, tell her about the garthyotel,” the Nameless Rogue said. “And don’t forget to tell her about Rorsa.”

“It’s githyanki, and we found a dead one at Whitehearth. Are you familiar with them?”

“Yes, I’ve never met one, but I know of the race. Are you saying they sent someone to Whitehearth after Cyre was destroyed?”

“No,” Ecliptus said. “We’re saying they sent someone there before the Day of Mourning. She seemed to be an artificer that was helping your people design warforged components for your psiforged line.”


“Okay, so maybe that was the name we decided to give them, but we’re talking about your line of warforged built to have psionic powers.”

“I got that, but what I meant was that I have no idea what you’re talking about. House Cannith has never produced any warforged with psionic powers. I don’t believe I even know of any research ever made into such efforts. I doubt even the Baroness knows of such efforts.”

“Sorrel, show her the battlefist and bracer we found.”

“Am I a walking purse?” Sorrel muttered to herself as she produced the items Ecliptus asked for.

Lady Elaydren picked up both and carefully studied the items. “This battlefist looks like any other, except it’s made of deep crystal. It could still be used by a normal warforged, but would be at least twice the cost to create. Now this bracer is built to hold power stones. No normal warforged would have any use for this. ”

“That’s the point we’re trying to make, and that githyanki was not only there building components for these psiforged, but someone visited there after her death. Her silver great sword was missing. We can’t be certain of this, but from the looks of how we found the room, that appeared to be the only thing they took. We do know from Rorsa that whoever came for it, didn’t come through the front entrance, and from the fire elementals we dealt with, we can be sure they hadn’t made their way inside by the warehouse entrance.”

“The githyanki can travel by the astral planes. If they did come for her sword, there’s a good chance they used that route. I just want to know how they managed to locate Whitehearth.” Elaydren said. “Wait, whose Rorsa?”

“The new guardian of Whitehearth. Which reminds me,” Ecliptus said, pulling out a glove from his backpack. “If you ever need to go back, you’ll need to let her sniff this to know it’s okay for you or whomever you send to be there. Else you’ll have an awakened dire wolf and her pack wondering what you’re doing in her den. We figured you’d want to keep others out.”

“You most certainly have given me a lot to consider,” Lady Elaydren said. “I must carefully weigh what options are available to us. Please, I must leave now if I am going to arrange our return to Sharn by ship for later this evening. I will take my leave and consider what will be best.”

With that, Elaydren left the Blue Dragons, who decided to spend the rest of their stay in Rhukaan Draal in the relative safety of the Clenched Fist. When they boarded a ship late in the afternoon, Elaydren still had not thought of something. Nor had she when the party took their dinner or before retiring to their cabins for the evening.

It wasn’t until very late in the evening that a knock came to on Siege and Ecliptus’ cabin door. Opening it, Siege found a smiling Elaydrin, half-dressed and smelling like she had indulged in more than a little Aundairn wine.

“Hmm, half-naked and woman that’s been drinking at our door,” Siege said. “Lieutenant, it’s for you.”

“You all recently appeared in an article in the Sharn Inquisitive.” Elaydren said as she walked into the room and held up a copy of the paper detailing the Blue Dragon’s recent exploits in Sharn’s sewers. “Are you on good terms with Haftak?

“Well, he pays us to tell him about anything newsworthy we come across in our line of work.”

“Excellent, then I suggest upon arriving in Sharn, you contact him immediately with the news of your discovery of Whitehearth.”

“Not to be disrespectful to the lady,” Eclitpus began, “but how much wine have you had tonight?”

“Tell him you learned of its location from the map you found in the ancient Cannith forgehold under Sharn,” Elaydren continued. “Never once mention my name. Instead I want you to say it was the late provost of Morgrave University, Bonal Geldem that sent you down into those ruins prior to his death. With Bonal dead, you decided to use the map to find your way to Whitehearth. I can make arrangements that will collaborate your story. Adventurers have been entering the Mournland almost since the Day of Mourning in search of Whitehearth’s riches. To have a group actually find it, Haftak will pee his pants over this story. I know it will make the front page of the chronicle.”

“That’s a fair assessment, but how is this going to help your situation?”

“After you’re done with Haftak, I wish for you to contact the Aurora Gallery. It’s a high-end magical item auction house in the Platinum Heights district of Sharn. These journals are the sort of items they would love to get their hands on. They will promote the hell out of it and your adventure. Once it’s in the public eye, I’ll be able to bring you an offer as the representative of Cannith West trying to purchase the items before they go to auction.”

“All right, I’m with you on that.”

“Now, you should also expect Cannith South to come along to make their own offer for the journals on those warforged components. This is fine with Cannith West. With the creation forges banned under the Treaty of Thronehold, Baroness Jorlanna could care less about the warforged. Merrix, however, still considers them his life’s work; he’s obsessed with them although he’s no longer allowed to create them. He will likely make a great offer for those particular journals and I suggest you consider it carefully.”


“If you reject it, he’ll start playing dirty. Understand he doesn’t make threats. He makes promises. Worse yet, they’re typically legal promises. So I suggest taking him up on it to save yourself some grief in the long run. As for the other journals, you can feel free to sell some – but not all – to any non-Cannith artificers or blacksmiths that makes a good offer. It will help draw suspicion away from Cannith West.”

“We can handle that,” Siege said. “But, is there any of the journals you want us to make sure Cannith West will receive in the end.”

“Yes, actually. I have been in contact with the Baroness through the House Sivis message station at Rhukaan Draal. She authorized me to purchase the Cleaning Hands Washbasin journal for 5,000 gold. Is this acceptable?”

“Is that acceptable?” Siege turned to Ecliptus and punched him in the arm.

“What the hell was that for?”

“You felt it, good, you’re not dreaming.”

“I’m an elf, I don’t actually sleep,” Ecliptus said, rubbing his arm. “Yes, my lady, my associate has indicated this offer would be most acceptable. Although the ladies of our party are staying in other cabins, I’m sure they will have no problem with this offer either.”

“Excellent, now, you’ve been good to me, so I won’t lie to you. That was the one journal I was told to get at all cost. If you decide to take any of those other journals to auction, I will admit that you’ll make more than what I or anyone else could offer you outright. The Aurora Gallery will charge you a percentage off of each sale, but you will still make a fortune. Plus, House Cannith will likely be able to outbid anyone for the majority of those journals.”

“That’s something we’ll have to discuss with our other associates. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, I suggest you meet with House Kundarak upon arriving in Sharn. You’ll want to store those journals in the Vault of the Kundarak Bank of Sharn. Notice I said ‘The Vault’ and not ‘a vault” of the bank. I speak of the one they use for long-term storage, not like the safe-deposit vaults that can’t be collected magically from other sites. It will cost you something like 15gp a month per item, but it’s the most secure vault you can access without wearing a crown.”

“Sounds good.”

“Right, then I will return to my own bed now.”

After Elaydren left, Ecliptus turned to glare at the warforged.

“Sleeping? Meditating? I don’t know the difference.”

“Right now, I’m wishing for a pet rust monster.”

Note: This is the second part of a three-part recap of a game session. The first part can be found by clicking here. The final part can be found here.

Up Next: “Check up on an old friend for me, Part C of Game 5 Recap”

Important Information Learned, Rumors Heard, Job Leads from this game:
  • Elaydren was completely surprised to learn of the possible existence of psiforged and any githyanki involvement with House Cannith. She indicated Cannith West has no knowledge of either.



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