• Capital: Fairhaven
  • Population: 2,000,000 (51% humans, 16% half-elves, 11% elves, 11% gnomes, 5% halflings, 3% shifter, 2% changelings, 1% other)
  • Exports: wine, cheese, grains, agriculture, books
  • Ruler: Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn
  • Government: Feudal monarchy

Aundair is a mostly flat country of farmlands and vineyards, with a strong culture of craftsmen, academics, and magic. Aundair possesses the premier academy of magic in all of Khorvaire, the Floating Towers of Arcanix, while its capital city of Fairhaven is home to the University of Wynarn, the first institution of higher learning ever established in the Five Nations. Its cities have a rich dedication to knowledge and education while its countryside is known for agriculture. Aundair possesses beautiful swaths of fertile fields that supply many of the other nations of Khorvaire with food and fine wines. The Primary enclaves of House Lyrandar and House Orien are in Aundair, while House Cannith West also operates its headquarters from here. The remaining Dragonmarked Houses all maintain emporiums and outposts throughout Aundair.


Aundair is a monarchy, currently ruled by Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn who ascended to the throne in 980 YK. Beneath the royal family are a wealthy group of nobles that oversee tracts of land partitioned to them by the crown. Some of these nobles go back to the days of the Kingdom of Galifar, while others were awarded both titles and lands for their deeds in the Last War. The nobles maintain order and are charged with protecting their vassal farmers while providing Queen Aurala with troops and taxes for the greater defense of Aundair. Aundair’s national symbol is the dragonhawk, a large, majestic bird of prey that can be used as a mount.

Last War

Although Aundair’s army is small compared to its neighbors, it held its own throughout the Last War through its use of spellcasters within the army to employ destructive magical weapons and spells against its enemies. Its calvary units were also well-known, as Aundarian horsemanship is second only to the elves of Valenar. During the Last War, Aundair spent most of its time in warfare against either Thrane or Karrnath, and the loss of Thaliost to Thrane bristles Aundairian national pride to this day. During the war, the Eldeen Reaches seceded from Aundair, causing the nation to lose nearly half of its total area, along with one fifth of its population. The Knights Arcane bravely fought for Aundair, along with peasant militias.


Aundair’s people are split between rugged hard working agriculturalists and learned, bookish individuals that master spellcraft. Most Aundarians live away from major cities in farmlands, but still remain connected to their local cities and towns. Aundairians are known for their somewhat arrogant attitudes of a strong will in competition with others. Not every Aundarian is stubborn, or thick-headed, but they will not easily concede a point they believe to be right, and often indulge in public duels as a staple of Aundarian society. Many Aundarians have adopted names for specific maneuvers and styles used in duels.

Important Cities of Aundair

  • Arcanix – Floating City of mages, premier magical academy of all Khorvaire
  • Fairhaven – As the capital city of Aundair, Fairhaven is home to the court of Queen Aurala and the queen’s court dominates the skyline, with towers jutting some eighteen stories into the sky.
  • Passage – As home to the primary enclave of House Orien, Passage serves as a crossroads for commerce into western Khorvaire.
  • Stormhome – This large island off the coast of Aundair is the primary enclave of House Lyrandar and has been transformed by the Mark of Storm into a temperate paradise.


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