• Capital: Wroat
  • Population: 3,700,000 (44% humans, 14% gnomes, 10% half-elves, 8% elves, 7% dwarves, 4% halflings, 4% changelings, 4% goblinoids, 3% orcs, 2% other)
  • Exports: weapons, armor, tools, processed ore, metalwork, manufactured goods, heavy industry
  • Ruler: King Boranel ir’Wynarn
  • Government: Democratic monarchy

Breland is a large and powerful country that prides itself for its free speech, diversity, and acceptance as compared to the rest of Khorvaire. Breland is a mix of open farmland, woodland and sprawling metropolis. The capital of Breland is Wroat, and Breland is home to the largest city on Khorvaire, Sharn, known as the City of Towers for its towering buildings and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Breland has emerged from the Last War as the most powerful country culturally and economically, while its military power rivals that of Karrnath. The country produces a wide array of goods, and is especially noted for the weapons produced in the smelters and forges of Sharn. House Medani and House Cannith South maintain their headquarters within Sharn, while House Phiarlan maintains its primary enclave in Wroat. After Cyre was destroyed, the surviving Cyran refugees were accepted into the country and formed a community known as New Cyre.


King Boranel ir’Wynarn commands the kingdom’s armies and enforces its laws, but he shares a great deal of power with a parliament elected by the citizens. The parliament consists of two branches: the Nobles Chamber and the Commons Chamber. Twenty-seven nobles make up the Nobles Chamber; each holds the position for life and passes it an heir. Meanwhile, the people elect the Commons legislators for terms of two years. Parliament creates the laws the King must enforce. This makes Breland the most democratic of any of the Five Nations. Its size and strength make Breland a major player in the international political arena. Most other nations fear its power and tread with caution when dealing with the king and his diplomats. The other nations hope for the collapse of the government after King Boranel’s death, as none of his surviving heirs have expressed near the amount of charisma or leadership skills as Boranel. Other groups within the country have clamored for the complete elimination of the monarchy and the establishment of an entirely elected government.

Last War

Although the nation lost territory during the Last War, most Brelish folk escaped the worst fighting as the nation’s front lines stayed in the north and northeast, far from Sharn and Wroat. Breland’s infrastructure also escaped the war’s ravages, allowing it to recover more quickly than its rivals. King Boranel was a major driving force behind the Treaty of Thronehold, which ended the Last War. While considered the most powerful nation to come out of the war, Breland still lost considerable territory in the course of the war. All of the land west of the Graywall Mountains was seized by monsterous hordes to form Droaam. A hefty section of eastern Breland was taken by goblinoid mercnaries to create the nation of Darguun. The gnomes of Zilargo, while technically a part of Breland under the Kingdom or Galifar, used their status as a loyal province to breakaway and form their own nation that pledged an alliance to Breland.


Breland’s position on old Galifar’s frontier led the nation to develop in distinctive ways. Rather than embracing the old governmental institutions upheld in its neighboring realms, Breland afforded its citizens greater freedoms, instilling a fierce independence and a loyalty to Breland’s regents. Taking advantage of vast resources and the freedom to become rich, Breland’s population swelled, forming sprawling cities and cultivating lands across the nation. Breland people have greater rights and liberties than those of the other Five Nations.

Important Cities of Breland

  • New Cyre – A town approaching the size of a city in Eastern Breland that has been established for the refugees of Cyre.
  • Sharn – Also known as the City of Towers, it is the largest city in all of Khorvaire and possibly the world of Eberron.
  • Sterngate – Brelish Fort City where Breland, Zilargo, and Darguun meet.
  • Wroat – The capital city of Breland. While not as densly populated or as overwhelming as Sharn, Wroat is still considererd one of the great cities of Khorvaire.


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