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  • Handouts – Text copies of player notes and other handouts can be found here.
  • House Rules – The special rules for playing in this Eberron campaign.
  • Pathfinder Rules – Find rules related to converting our Eberron campaign to Pathfinder here.
  • Loot – Breakdown by game of who took a specific item or items.

Our Campaign World

  • Items – Descpritions of items the PCs have picked up during their adventures.
  • Information Confirmed – Important information the PCs have gathered and confirmed in the course of their adventures.
  • Job Leads – Potential future job opportunities.
  • Rumors and Clues – Information the PCs have heard that may or may not prove to be important to them in the future. Further investigation is required.

The World of Eberron

  • History of Eberron – From the Age of Demons to the Last War, find the information your character is likely to known about historic events that affect the campaign here.
  • Organizations – The Power Groups, Dragonmarked Houses, Criminal Organizations, etc. that your character will likely know about in this campaign.
  • People of Importance – More important than your average NPC, these individuals are Heads of State, Leaders of Organizations, and Power Players. Presented here is the information your PC is likely to know about these people.
  • Places – The informaion your characters would most likely know about the Nations, Cities, Towns, Ruins, etc. in Eberron.
  • Planes – The planes of Eberron are different than those found in the typical D&D world. Learn about them here.
  • Religion in Eberron – The world of Eberron has a different set of Gods & Goddesses than the those found in the player’s handbook. Learn about them here.

Main Page

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